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  • Towel (solid color)
  • 35-by-66-inch bath sheet
  • 1.2-inch Grosgrain ribbon cut into four 24-inch strips
  • Transparent ruler
  • Pins
  • Needle and thread


  1. Step 1

    Start with a solid-color towel, and choose ribbon in a hue that will stand out. We used a 35-by-66-inch bath sheet and 1/2-inch grosgrain ribbon cut into four 24-inch strips.

  2. Step 2


    Center tic-tac-toe pattern on towel; each  of our squares is 8 inches. You can use a transparent ruler to ensure ribbons are straight and boxes are square.

  3. Step 3

    Pin ribbons in place, turn  them under at the ends, then sew down centers using thread in the same color as the ribbon.

Martha Stewart Living, June 2004



Reviews (9)

  • jnokleby 12 Jul, 2012

    Choose a smaller hand towel size and then you have a game board for folding into the backpack, diaper bag, etc

  • scrapyj 12 Jul, 2012

    Wonderful idea.

  • kcarskc 26 Jun, 2010

    Why not combine this with the Kid's Towel Tote. I'm no seamstress but it looks like it could be both projects in one although the instructions for the tote are lacking instruction.

  • spulley 20 Jul, 2009

    looks like a great idea and very easy to do. I wouldn't go with duct tape, it won't wash well.

  • dljacks 9 Jul, 2009

    Instead of sewing why not use some of that new colorful duct tape?

  • Monichiwa 6 Jul, 2009

    I would use can find all kinds of shapes

  • caelswenson 29 Jun, 2009

    How about just using sand right from the beach to make the lines :)

  • sixteengrandkids 28 Jun, 2009

    How about craft foam squares and circles or such? They will dry quickly.


  • sonoranstephanie 27 Jun, 2009

    is there something else you could use for the that x's and o's if you wanted to use this poolside? i'd imagine it would need to be okay to get wet. you could just make a little pocket the towel to keep it there...what do you guys think would be good to make it out of. oh...did i mention i can't sew well? :)