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Very Pretty Night-Light

Martha Stewart Baby, 2002

A tender night-light shade is a beautiful addition to a nursery. It's easy to make by photocopying a design onto flexible vellum, then wrapping the vellum around a shade frame. Make one to match your baby's curtains, bedding, or wallpaper. Or feature a character from a favorite book or one of your baby's first works of art.

Copy design onto an 8 1/2-by-11-inch sheet of lightweight, flexible vellum paper; we enlarged a fabric sample. Trace our template onto photocopied vellum; cut out. Apply craft glue to night-light shade frame, and lay paper in place (below, top); secure with paper clips until glue dries. Cover side edges of shade with bias tape, gluing in place with craft glue (below, center); repeat to cover top and bottom edges of shade (below, bottom).

Comments (37)

  • Steelbar 3 Aug, 2011

    Where do you find the lamp shade frames? I am interested in making the Night Light.

  • Steelbar 3 Aug, 2011

    Where do you find the lamp shade frames? I am interested in making the Night Light.

  • jozee 23 Jan, 2009

    Has anyone had a problem printing out the template to this project? The print form does not show up until I minimize the page, and the template comes out very small! Any help iis appreciated...Thanks

  • gram300 23 Jan, 2009

    ACMoore, the craft store, has night lights with bare shades so you can do this exact craft. I made one for my granddaughter and included her initials on the shade.

  • RachieJo 21 Jan, 2009

    I'm in Canada, I already mentioned the dollar stores but I found mine at XS Cargo stores

  • hlynn88 21 Jan, 2009

    You can usually find cheap night lights at the dollar store in the hardware section. Just choose a shape you like.

  • Path923 21 Jan, 2009

    I am back to the question someone else asked, where can you find the frame?

  • kabc401 21 Jan, 2009

    Acid free tissue paper is also available at fabric stores that feature quilting products. I believe that dry cleaners also use acid free tissue and such when preparing wedding gowns for storage. Also any place that sells scrapbooking supplies might be able to help you. This is really a cute project. You could make them to coordinate with anything.

  • RachieJo 20 Jan, 2009

    I found some of these shades at a dollars store type place for 50 cents each. They were covered with ugly material that was easily peeled off. I then covered the shade, minus material, with mulberry paper. I also cut out some butterfly shapes which I modgepodged on and then covered those with another piece of mulberry paper. The result is that you can only see the butterflies when the light is on. It matches a lamp I did the same way.

  • RachieJo 20 Jan, 2009


  • analou 20 Jan, 2009

    What a cute idea for my new grandbaby's room - Can't wait to try it -

  • BonnyBee 20 Jan, 2009

    Where can I buy a "shade frame"? Is this something I would find at Michaels?

  • Amara_07 20 Jan, 2009

    How safe is having vellum so close to a heat source like a light bulb?

  • AAnderson 20 Jan, 2009

    re why you would copy instead of use fabric, the amount and quality of the light will be different. And vellum is easier to dust, it won't hold onto the dust as tenaciously as fabric.

  • AAnderson 20 Jan, 2009

    You can find acid free tissue from many sources online. Acid free tissue is a tissue weight paper that has a neutral pH level. Most paper is acidic and will damage the things it is in contact with overtime. There is buffered, which provides extended protection for items that themselves have high acidic level like newsprint, which you would use for long-term storage, and unbuffered which is frine for short term use or for storing items that don't have a high acidity level.

  • mac5 20 Jan, 2009

    You can find acid free tissue paper at Jo-Ann's or some other fabric stores. It is used for storing archived pieces like heirlooms. And no, regular tissue is not the same.
    You can find kits for making these (sorry Martha) at Lowe's and even Big Brother WalMart. They are inexpensive and they do make a pretty special nite lite. You can add braiding for interest too.

  • schmee 20 Jan, 2009

    Why would you COPY fabric? Why not use the actual fabric?

  • Mommyof3ee 20 Jan, 2009

    Martha always talks about "acid free" tissue paper. What is it? Not even my craft store knows exactly what it is. Are all white or printless tissue paper acid free?

  • vskistad 20 Jan, 2009

    Where would I find any of these items you would need for this project. I would love to make some for around my house.

  • Antiragweed 20 Jan, 2009

    Sojourn, I whole heatedly concur!

  • diana1096 20 Jan, 2009

    I would love to be able to see the details on the example of the back.

  • Sojourn 20 Jan, 2009

    Woudln't it be great if these craft photos were clickable so that they would enlarge and you could actually SEE what they're talking about.

  • Marycassells 20 Jan, 2009

    I think I would just go to a store and buy a light.

  • TamaraGirl 6 Oct, 2008

    There's a company that makes a self-adhesive nightlight selling these kits directly. You can also buy the same kits at Hobby Lobby stores.

  • PatsyS 30 Sep, 2008

    Try I see they have kits on sale!

  • PatsyS 30 Sep, 2008

    Try I see they have kits on sale!

  • sknapka3 17 Sep, 2008

    Does anyone know where to purchase a night light shade kit? I've looked in a few craft stores but haven't had any luck and just love this idea. Please help!

  • faith929luv 6 Sep, 2008

    Eco-friendly tip: use LED light with light activation. On/off dawn/dusk.

  • faith929luv 6 Sep, 2008

    Eco-friendly tip: use rice paper

  • faith929luv 6 Sep, 2008

    Also, print or stamp with mica ink/glitter.

  • faith929luv 6 Sep, 2008

    Print child's name onto large adhesive mailing label.

  • faith929luv 6 Sep, 2008

    Use large adhesive mailing labels

  • faith929luv 6 Sep, 2008

    Sorry, I'm having problems with posting comments.

  • faith929luv 6 Sep, 2008

    Personalize with child's name. Either use a clear adhesive mailing label

  • praline 11 Aug, 2008

    you can also print your childs picture (in black and white) onto the vellum paper. This works great as gifts for teachers, grandparents day (which is in September)

  • barbarabayliswordpresscom 25 Apr, 2008

    These are adorable. One could make several to have around the house when overnight guest are staying over night.

  • barbarabayliswordpresscom 25 Apr, 2008

    These are adorable. One could make several to have around the house when overnight guest are staying over night.