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Keepsake Envelope Folders




Over the centuries, envelopes have contained many secrets and declarations of true love, so it's appropriate to use a group of them to store dear old letters and treasured notes -- or to fill them with trinkets for your valentine. Just stick several envelopes together, using their own adhesive; then insert your keepsakes, and tie the bundle with the most beautiful ribbon you can find.

First, fold the flaps back on all but one of the envelopes you want to join. With the unfolded flap on the bottom, stack the envelopes, open side up. Moisten folded flaps; affix each to the envelope behind it. Punch a hole through the bottom center of all the envelopes; insert keepsakes, and fold last flap over. Thread a ribbon through the hole, and tie.

Martha Stewart Living, February 2004



Reviews (5)

  • mariekoran 28 Jan, 2010

    Thank you "crafttestdummies" for sharing your use for these, I might do that too !

  • angel9 22 Jan, 2010

    I used this same idea at Christmas for each grandchild. I put all the receipts in there slot just in case an exchange was needed. Worked like a charm!

  • rivergirl17 18 Jan, 2009

    I cannot believe I have found this craft on Martha's website. As an entrepreneurial child I created a catalog of crafts that I could make and would sell to my fellow classmates. This was one of my products!

  • ldevalkenaere 29 Mar, 2008

    Also a useful idea for kid's project for bookmaking! Works for the nieces and nephews!

  • CraftTestDummies 14 Feb, 2008

    I've made these, and actually use them to organize coupons. (I have the cutest organizer in the store!) This is also useful in your craft room organizing die-cuts, paper punch-outs, and other flat embellishments.