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Sun Print Cards




After a few minutes in the sun on a sheet of light-sensitive paper, flowers and other natural forms leave their shadows behind. The images, which bring to mind old-fashioned botanical prints, can easily be trimmed into pretty blue cards and tags.

Select items whose images you want to capture. Lay a sheet of blue sun-print paper on a piece of cardboard atop a baking sheet, and place objects on paper; cover flat or lightweight objects with kit's acrylic sheet or a piece of Plexiglas. Place outdoors in the sun or indoors on a sunny windowsill (it will also work outdoors on a cloudy day).

In 1 to 5 minutes, the paper will fade, turning almost white. Immediately rinse with water for about 1 minute. The background will turn blue again. Let dry. Cut into cards, and write messages with white ink.

Martha Stewart Living, May 1997



Reviews (39)

  • AlternativePhotography 13 Jul, 2011

    The process is called Cyanotypes, or Blueprints. There is a really good book about it here:
    And if you want to know how to do this on pillowcases and other material, take a look here:
    It's a really creative method to use. Really fun!

  • Diegokid 11 Aug, 2008

    I love this project my girl scouts and boy scouts did it at least once a year.

  • elizabetty 11 Aug, 2008

    Where do you find sun impression paper???????

  • kimwylie0523 11 Aug, 2008

    I thought I read somewhere that the Catalog for Living (and yes, it's Martha-related) was cut as the market kept dropping. If that's untrue, I need to get my hands on it! Meanwhile, you can search the internet for "sun print paper" and it will turn up.

  • Meezers 10 Aug, 2008

    What is the "Catalog for Living" and how do I find it? Is it part of this website?

  • sewswell 10 Aug, 2008

    ok when i moved the snowflake to see if i could get a secondary print and left it, the first one disappeared. My dad happened by and the paper would have to be processed in order for the design to be permanent, it sounds like.oh well, it was worth a try....

  • sewswell 10 Aug, 2008

    I got a piece of the paper out in the darkened room and grapped a crocheted snowflake just to try it. course it is late afternoon and cloudy, but in about 5 mniutes, I lifted up the snowflake and can see its pattern. the paper is a soft mauvy gray around it. My dad used to take and print his own photos so I will ask him if he has any hints.

  • blabbermouth 10 Aug, 2008

    I think this is the coolest idea I've seen in a long time. I can't wait to let my niece

  • sewswell 10 Aug, 2008

    I have a box of photo paper from my daughter's college days that says to keep in the dark. wonder if it would work for a similar project?

  • marvalas 10 Aug, 2008

    The old fashioned way to do this was with blueprint paper. If there are nay companies out there that still use blue prints, there must be a supplier for the paper and the paper could come in "D" size - about 48" x 36" - so you can cut them down to size. You need to ask how to process that kind of paper.

  • juliestandifer 10 Aug, 2008


  • lbuser 10 Aug, 2008

    I found many places that sell this paper by searching the internet looking for - sun sensitive paper - with prices from 3.25 for 12 sheets to 12.00 for 40 sheets. But they are all 5-1/2 x 7-1/2 inches. I would like to find large sheets - 10 x 12. I think those of you who are not impressed have never actually seen this. They are very beautiful. Or maybe you just don't care for the color blue. It is a great project for little kids because it is fast and dramatic.

  • deebeee 10 Aug, 2008

    Hi tlmokstate -- The site you listed Acorn Naturalists has really really cheap prices (like under $5 or $6) for the kits. I think the other site listed has a bit pricier kits. Didn't check # of sheets, etc. but goodie now we have two sites for our light sensitive paper kits. Thanks!

  • DebbieDurham 10 Aug, 2008

    Cute but I'm not THAT impressed with this one!

  • DebbieDurham 10 Aug, 2008

    does the paper come in different colors?

  • deebeee 10 Aug, 2008

    angiek -- you are a genius. I pulled up the site as you listed it and voila, light sensitive paper.


  • deebeee 10 Aug, 2008

    I just sent an email to martha re where else this light sensitive paper or a light sensitive paper kit can be purchased.

  • indy-quilter 10 Aug, 2008

    Could it be more "Living" business ? ............Try this on inexpensive construction will have a negative result...the paper will "bleach" where exposed...write on it with a silver pen..or whatever marker may work colorwise....just make sure it is anchored down if outdoors or the use the sunny special kit !!!!

  • deebeee 10 Aug, 2008

    I checked on google and when i plugged in it came up as an expired doman name several times.

    So I guess it's gone with the wind.

  • deebeee 10 Aug, 2008

    I have a feeling it must be a kit that Martha puts out -- Catalog for LIVING. Maybe?

  • roserobin 9 Aug, 2008

    We used to do these in Girl Scouts in the early 60's and we didn't use any other paper but dark colored construction paper. Try it before going out and spending money for nothing.

  • teresaen 9 Aug, 2008

    Based on what I found online, _The Catalog for Living_ was circulated by Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. Circulation was discontinued years ago. I found photosensitive paper at this website:

  • tlmokstate 9 Aug, 2008

    I couldn't find the Catalog for Living Sun Impressions Kit ANYWHERE, but I did find a site that sells sunprint kits like the one needed here. You can get 12 4x4 sheets for only $5.
    Hope this helps. Thanks!

  • creaturecomforts 9 Aug, 2008

    The Catalog for Living is no longer open. You can purchase sunprint kits at amazon though.

    So much fun!

  • sscull 9 Aug, 2008

    Could you tell me what the Catalogue For Living Sun Impression Kit is? How to find it and where to buy it? Thanks

  • joanw 9 Aug, 2008

    I have not been able to find this kit on the internet or craft supplies sites.
    How does one get the catalog?

  • Angieboyd 9 Aug, 2008

    I just did a simple search online and found this.

  • boonedesigns 9 Aug, 2008

    We used this type of paper way back in the 80's at Bible School. Us kids would collect flowers, coins, bugs and lay it on the paper to make our own beautiful creations. I would check art supply stores or craft stores for tablets of the paper. It is a little more pricey but not to bad.

  • hancock119 9 Aug, 2008

    I couldn't fing that catalog but the paper ois available at for science projects.

  • lymills_tx 9 Aug, 2008

    littlegatch - thank you. I also would like very much to do this, as it sounds like such a fun thing to add to my cardmaking - I don't have any idea about a "catalog". Please somebody clue us in.

  • kbcs682 9 Aug, 2008

    I have done this with regular construction paper also, with my 1st graders. While the images are not as sharp as with the light-sensitive paper, it is still quite fun! You can also have a different colors to use.

  • Abobrinha 9 Aug, 2008

    When I was a kid cameras were expensive for children to have one so we did a lot of "pictures" like this, just using the paper where the black and white pictures were printed and ...sun light .It was lots of fun and easy. Great
    craft idea.

  • hallinr 9 Aug, 2008

    What is the Catalogue For Living Sun Impression Kit. Where do you find ? Is it available in craft stores? Can you buy just the paper? Thanks for your help.

  • hallinr 9 Aug, 2008

    Could you tell me what the Catalogue For Living Sun Impression Kit is? How to find it and where to buy it? Thanks

  • littlegatch 9 Aug, 2008

    What is this catalog where you would find the kit? I have not done any of the crafts so I'm a bit confused. Thank you to anyone who can help me.

  • samanthaprince 9 Aug, 2008

    Where do I find the link on line to buy the Sun Impressions Paper Kit?

  • elizabetty 9 Aug, 2008

    where do you go on the internet to find the pape

  • reverti 9 Aug, 2008

    this is like magic! my son will love it...and me too!

  • BEARSJUSTB-CLAWS 9 Aug, 2008

    A beautiful idea. And there countless possibilities. Thank you.