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Terry Cloth Cases

Inflatable pillows make lounging at the beach even more relaxing, and they're easy to tuck into a tote. Add a terry cloth slipcover, and the plastic pillows will feel soft and dry, not hot and sticky.




  1. Step 1

    To cover a 14-inch square pillow, you'll need a 15-inch square case. Cut a 32 1/2-by-16-inch rectangle from a towel, using a finished edge for one of the short sides. 

  2. Step 2

    Finish other short side with a 1/2-inch hem.

  3. Step 3

    Place fabric wrong side down, with hemmed edge on right. Fold over left edge 7 1/2 inches toward center. Fold over right edge 9 1/2 inches toward center (it should overlap left edge by 2 inches).

  4. Step 4


    Pin, and stitch along open sides. Turn the cover right side out, and insert the inflated pillow.

Martha Stewart Living, August 2006



Reviews (8)

  • NatureGeek24 11 Jun, 2009

    For inflatable pillows use bath pillows available lots of places.

  • debrajh 11 Jun, 2009

    If you can't find inflatable pillows, try using 2 gallon zip-loc bags.

  • LadyByTheSea 11 Aug, 2008

    The loop idea is great! You could add it so the pillow can go over your chair while lounging plus for carrying. Thanks for the idea!

  • RubyEdge 11 Aug, 2008

    Blue - I managed to find some inflatable pillows at Just search for inflatable pillow in the search area on their main page.

    I think this could be really nice. Might consider making this if I start going to the lake more.

  • starrjewell 11 Aug, 2008

    Any travel shop would have travel pillow..not sure about rectangular ones. I got regular small child size pillows.....they are perfect for a hand towel and no trimming is needed. I made them for a gifts and include a bath towell to match and some buble bath. I made mine water proof by using two gallon size placed on each end. They are snug and they overlap just enough to keep them dry.

  • JerseyCook 11 Aug, 2008

    This is a great idea. Now the dilemma is where to find the inflatable pillows. Any ideas??

  • Blue 11 Aug, 2008

    Any ideas on where I can find "inflatable pillows"? In California or online....Thanks

  • Anna_Marie 11 Aug, 2008

    I would add on a loop of ribbon at the corner, or a loosely draped piece of ribbon across the back, to slip over your make carrying all of your beach "stuff" to the car easier. Great idea for beach, pool or tub!