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Water Carrier

A shoulder strap keeps bottled water handy when you're on the go.




  • 1-inch-wide grosgrain ribbon
  • Cording
  • Pin
  • Sewing kit
  • Plastic water bottle


  1. Step 1

    Cut a 43-inch piece of 1-inch-wide grosgrain ribbon, and fold its ends in half widthwise.

  2. Step 2

    Slip the ends of a 6-inch length of cording 1/2 inch into the folds.

  3. Step 3

    Pin in place; secure the cording by stitching back and forth several times across the ribbon's end, then continuing 1/2 inch along the fold.

  4. Step 4

    Sew a rectangle to close ribbon edge. Thread a plastic cord lock onto the cording; use it to tighten the loop around a plastic water bottle.

Martha Stewart Living, August 2002



Reviews (11)

  • Minnesota_E 24 Jul, 2012

    Here's a alternative method that doesn't use a cord lock: Cut 1/4"-3/8" grosgrain ribbon or cording to 66" long. Overlap ends and zigsag together. I wrapped the cord join with ribbon and stitched again. You now have a continuous loop. Fold in half, pull other end through one end loop and you have a "noose" to put around the neck of a water bottle. Works on both disposable and reusable bottles.

  • morlin 4 Aug, 2010

    This is a fantastic fix for carrying around my water bottle during hikes! I used cording -- no ribbon on hand. At first I though it would swing around too much or chafe, but neither was an issue. Also, I found the cord lock unnecessary as all that was needed was a sliding knot [uncertain of knot name but it works kind of like a noose].

  • Rosanasorensen 30 Jun, 2010

    This idea is terrific. I am in charge of a girls camp and plan on making 45 of them. We will be doing tons of hiking and this idea fits the bill. I found cording on sale at Hancocks, cords stops on the internet ( 17 cents each), and ribbon at Micheal's (5 yards for 2 dollars). They cam to less than a dollar each!! Thanks Martha

  • laceylee56 27 Jun, 2010

    You might be able to find the cord locks at a camping store.

  • mpvet53 25 Jun, 2010

    Can anybody explain to me what the plastic cord lock is and if I went into a JoAnn's fabric, what section would something like that be in. I love the consept of this because I carry water around all the time and get tired of it being left on counters. I just need a little more info in this one.

  • aschemidt 23 Jun, 2010

    Great idea, I especially love how compact these are. You could easily fit one for each member of the family in your purse for an outing.

  • bboopie1 9 Jun, 2010

    Just made one for each of my daughters for vacation! So easy, took no time at all. And, I had all of the supplies! These will be great for our trip to New England, and everywhere else. No more carrying their water bottles.

  • druffing 17 Jun, 2009

    In notions-if you ask someone in the store-JoAnn's is a good one-they will find you one. I have also seen them with buttons.

  • ElComer 26 Jun, 2008

    LOL lets try again I saw them at

  • ElComer 26 Jun, 2008

    You can get the cord lock at a sewing store. I've seen them at Hancocks.
    This is a cool idea.

  • Shivi 18 Jun, 2008

    does anyone know where you can buy a plastic cord lock- the local craft store? what section would it be in?