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Kitchen Cushion

Created By: Heidi Cho




While your hands are hard at work in the kitchen, give your feet a break with this simple-to-make felt mat. Using a straightedge and a rotary cutter, cut out 4 to 7 rectangular pieces of felt measuring 1/2 inch wider on all sides than the desired mat size. Cut 3 to 6 pieces of fusible webbing to the same dimension. Sandwich one piece of webbing between 2 pieces of felt; iron. Continue adding alternating layers of webbing and felt. Trim felt mat to desired size with rotary cutter.

Martha Stewart Living, September 2007



Reviews (4)

  • Redheadmomma 6 Oct, 2013

    This is a great project. I enjoy mine so much. I have 2 dogs and I brush mine with a dry scrub brush to remove hair. I also made my pad with washable felt. I use Shout or Awesome on any stains and then wash in the washer. You can't wash it alot, it will eventually fall apart but it holds up pretty well to being washed maybe once a month. Otherwise just spot clean.

  • JoanGustafson1 7 Apr, 2013

    I have two dogs that insist on being under foot. Can these mats be machine wash and dried? Haven't worked with felt before, know only that dog hair adhere's to everything. How will you reply to my concern. Thank you. jg

  • Katie B of Housewife How Tos 15 Mar, 2013

    Question: if made according to the instructions, is the pad machine-washable? I would dearly love a nice, homemade pad to stand on while cooking, but surely I'm not the only one prone to dropping things on the floor during those last few minutes of pulling the whole meal together?

  • and_tau 18 Feb, 2013

    any cleaning tips for cleaning felt?