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Kitchen Sink Organizer




To keep your kitchen sink uncluttered, shop flea markets or housewares stores for pretty little trays to hold sponges, brushes, and dish and hand soap; the trays minimize spillover to the countertop and enable you to remove multiple small items quickly when you need to clear the sink. Find a glass bottle with a spout in which to decant your dishwashing liquid; the main supply can hide under the sink. A tenet of space saving: Let items serve double duty. When you have only a few things to wash, use a wire rack atop a sheet pan to drain dishes. They vanish into the cupboard after dishes dry, leaving valuable open workspace near the sink.


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Organizing Good Things 2004, Special Issue 2004



Reviews (10)

  • djcamp 1 Feb, 2009

    I have done this and it works wonderfully. I have 2 Longaberger soap dispensers; one for hands and the other for dish soap on sink. However, I have a suctioned holder on the inside of sink nearest me (not the faucets; so you can't see them when you walk by the kitchen) and I hold my sponge, the flat scraper from Pampered Chef and my vegetable brush in it. Very neat. I microwave my sponge every day for 2 minutes to kill bacteria and I dishwasher wash the tray and sponge holder 1 X per week.

  • YoungLouise 12 Apr, 2008

    I was given a tea caddy with teabags as a gift. I use the caddy (that has a rose
    motif) to hold my pink sponge. It looks fresh and matches the rest of my home's
    decor. Even something as simple as this makes me happy.

  • sparkleplenty 6 Apr, 2008

    My favorite kitchen counter organizer is a vintage pottery planter that's about 3 inches tall and 7 inches long. It holds my scrubbers, is meant to be waterproof, and I can change it out at whim with others from my colorful collection.

  • countryrose 5 Apr, 2008

    I have been keeping my sponge and stainless steel pot scrubber in my dishwasher. They are out of sight and get sanitized when I run the dishwasher. Thanks Martha for all your helpful tips.

  • mmacd 5 Apr, 2008

    I have a wire soap dish intended for the bath/shower with big suction disks and I put it inside the sink to hold my dish scrubber and since it is wire it drains easily into the sink with less clutter on the top giving you a cleaner look.

  • catchy50 4 Apr, 2008

    I save my white wine bottles which are clear, and the wide colorful rubber bands that come with asparagus bunches, and other vegetables. I use the wine bottle for liquid dish detergent and use a wine decanting stopper for the top. The rubber bands are stretched around the bottle's widest point, and are great for gripping the slippery bottle
    I love you Martha Stewart and all your wonderful work! Thank you!.
    Eeverything works great togethe, and it is fun to collect the r!

  • caliartist 4 Apr, 2008

    I, too, keep my dish soap in an dispenser along side the hand soap dispenser. I don't put them in a tray, since they fit snugly in a niche of the sink deck. I have a small wire drain rack that takes space along one edge of one sink so I have quick access when I wash fruits/vegetables or drain dishes I want to hand wash. My sponge lives on one side of that rack.

  • Squidink 4 Apr, 2008

    We are full time RVers and to minimise the spillage when traveling I started using a olive oil bottle but I put a spout that measures for alcohl on it. It cut my dish soap in half as it comes out in a tiny stream. Everyone has so many good ideas on this site. Bless you

  • mspelicanmoon 4 Apr, 2008

    I put my dish liquid in an attractive Olive Oil bottle. They're very inexpensive and even come with a pour spout.

  • ISM 16 Feb, 2008

    I store the dish liquid in a decorative glass bottle alongside handwash on a pewter dish by the kitchen sink. The kitchen sponge is always kept on its own dish. And as my kitchen is a little smaller than I would like, storage is at a premium so when not in use, the collapsable wire dish rack is stored in the cupboard under the sink. That way all remains clean and clutter free at all times.