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Textured String Bracelets

Use leftover string from crafts projects to make textured bracelets.




  • plastic bangles
  • craft glue
  • string
  • needle


  1. Step 1

    Using craft glue, attach 1 inch of the tail end of the string to the inside of the bangle.

  2. Step 2

    Wrap string around bangle until bracelet is covered.

  3. Step 3


    Cut the string, leaving a 3-inch tail; thread through a needle. Thread the tail under strings on inner side of bangle to secure. For a striped effect, alternate string colors as you work.

Martha Stewart Living, April 2008



Reviews (15)

  • wholesaleclothesonline 12 Oct, 2010

    nice accessories!

  • ojolie 21 Jul, 2010

    As kids we used to use used cans--- like tuna cans, pet food cans. Back then, both the top and the bottom of the can were the same and we could easily remove each side with a can opener. We pounded all edges so no metal slivers. We used plastic lanyard string, where we could weave designs with different colors, ribbon, heavy crochet string or yarn,and glued ephemera. I taught my children this craft too. The bracelets didn't last forever, but the memories have.

  • Saromat 19 Jul, 2010

    I love this idea, but need a bangle with a hinge. Any suggestions for finding./making one?

  • HeresDebbieK 18 Jul, 2010

    I'm on a real recyled crafts mission lately, so I'm going to make a couple of these and use the recycled cardboard method, but I'm going to glue newspaper over it to make it sturdy and then paint it solid so the newsprint doesn't make my stringing dirty from the ink while I wrap. And the beads and charms is a great idea, so I'll incorporate some of those too!

  • eyesofyellow 18 Jul, 2010

    Want cheap and sturdy? Go to your local hardware store, find PVC pipe that fits your arm, ask the guy if he can cut it to the sizes (widths of the bracelet you want 1" - however wide you want it) When you get home, give the rough edges a light sanding and now you are ready to create your 'signature' bracelets. You can also use fabrics, trims, ribbons, add your own little charms and beads! Create Unique Boutique One of a kind that will have every bangle lover wanting one.

  • madamegooseberry 26 Jan, 2009

    If you want the sturdiness of the bangle, go to your local thrift store where you can find a bag of them for a couple dollars.

  • bakerbern 6 Jan, 2009

    You can use the coffee cup hokders..sometimes called java jackets or sleeves too instead of the cereal boxes. Perfect for a cuff bracelet.

  • jenjoshsean 5 Jan, 2009

    Phylblade, I can of like your idea of using cereal boxes. I think it is a good way to recycle. I'll try making it that way too.

  • rosebud5548 5 Jan, 2009

    I like the glue bracelet idea , I'll try it then paint it , wire wrap on it with crystals and gem stones.

  • rosebud5548 5 Jan, 2009

    Nice idea , I'm learning wire wrap jewelry making . I'll try wire wrapping with your idea . An I crochet a lot so I'll do a crochet one with tinny flowers on it with tinny leaves .
    I'm not happy with Micheal's Store in my area , they have less now in the jewelry making area . I'm going to try the new JoAnn's Store and then I'll have to go on line for what I can't get .

  • Phylblade 4 Jan, 2009

    It isn't necessary to buy a bracelet, you can make cardboard bracelets out of used cereal boxes - a strip of cardboard shaped in a circle and wrapped with writing paper soaked in white glue will almost seem like plastic. I used cardboard boxes wrapped in butcher paper soaked in white glue to make building blocks for early elementary children and they lasted fthrough hundreds of children for ten years. White glue can do amazing things!

  • LindenBlossom 4 Jan, 2009

    Cute and simple! Agree that a little extra adhesive might help make this even easier. How about double sided tape affixed to the in- or out-side surface - you could peel the backing off as you work. Love the idea of adding beads, missjonie.

  • SewYouByMe 4 Jan, 2009

    Hey, I've seen these type of bracelets in my favorite university colors. Also seen using various types of satin and grogane ribbon. Needless to say the crafter can make the items much more reasonably. These that I saw sold for $25 - $35.

  • missjonie 4 Jan, 2009

    just had a vision of threading beads charms list is endless !!!

  • janicesmith 4 Jan, 2009

    simple, but think of how you could make a colored bracketlet to match an outfit!
    Wrap tightly and also used a thinned white glue perhaps, to keep strings alinged well.