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Shake Away Pests

Martha Stewart Living, June 2009

Put a kitchen shaker to work in your garden; its a great tool for dispersing horticultural-grade diatomaceous earth. This nontoxic pesticide, which has sharp edges that kill slugs and bugs without chemicals, can be difficult to spread. But a shaker lets you dust an even ring on soil around plants.

Comments (3)

  • lashtx 21 Feb, 2014

    I love all of Martha's hints but I cannot read most of the text for the hints because the text is too light over the image. Either the image needs to be separated from the text or the text needs to be darkened.

  • sjmurphyonci 10 May, 2011

    I just googled "Does diatomaceous earth harm earthworms?" and found a website ( that sells DE and gives extensive info about its use. It alleges that DE does not harm earthworms in compost if it is sprinkled only on top, goes on to say that the worms will incorporate it into the compost and "it makes them healthier." I haven't looked into this further, but I will, and advise all to do so, too.
    A Lover of Earthworms.

  • mcdonade 8 May, 2011

    Diatomaceous earth is toxic to native bees so it needs to be put out at times when native bees are not active. It is natural and a very good pesticide for soft bodied insects. Please just use with caution.