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April Fools' Trick: Solid Milk

April 1 offers the chance to summon your inner prankster and catch family off guard.

Created By: Laura Regensdorf




Transform milk into an unpourable mass.


  1. Step 1

    Stir 1 packet of powdered gelatin into 2 tablespoons of water, and let stand for 5 minutes.

  2. Step 2

    Warm 2 cups of milk in the microwave.

  3. Step 3

    Stir the gelatin mixture into the milk.

  4. Step 4

    Transfer to a glass pitcher or bottle, and refrigerate until set, about 2 hours.

Martha Stewart Living, April 2009



Reviews (72)

  • Fleurito 1 Apr, 2009

    I used Almond Gelatin from a Chinese market. My kids and I mixed it up together this afternoon. Then, at dinner time, I asked my husband to pour the kids some milk. Worked like a charm and we all had a good laugh. Now we're enjoying the dessert treat.

  • ToweringTreats 1 Apr, 2009

    I'll be melting mine down and making it into chocolate pudding or Blancmange for dessert later - so nothing wasted here! :) What a great joke!

    As for the people with no sense of humour, I remember stories from all the people around my grandfather during WWII who had a great laugh with all his pranks that mostly involved wasting rationed food (salt in the sugar bowl at teatime, etc...) - they all had great memories during a much more difficult time than this, so lighten up.

  • packrat 1 Apr, 2009

    Made this last night after the teens went to bed. Got up early this morning to make them breakfast (I usually don't do this anymore) so I could pull this prank. What a fun way to start the morning! We all got a chuckle from it.

  • tliloia 1 Apr, 2009

    Make this prank with sweetened condensed milk instead of regular milk and it can be eaten like Jello -- a sweet and creamy dessert!

  • Ryeluka 31 Mar, 2009

    I like a lot of the things that I see on MS and some that I don't. Glad I can make up my own mind and use only the ones I like. It's like watching T.V. really. On/Off!! Suggest everyone ignore comments from Winterbeach as she is always first to be negative and I think she enjoys the reaction she gets from others!

  • barbarajl 31 Mar, 2009

    Here's an April Fool's that cost you nothing more than a needle and thread. After your children have gone to bed sew their underwear together at the wasteband. Just one stitch each, when they go to pull a pair out in the morning they'll get an underwear garland! It only takes a couple of minutes to pull the stitches back out. Check out for some great family April Fool's jokes.

  • barbarajl 31 Mar, 2009

    When my children were little, I didn't always have extra money, but this is something I would have done. If you're concerned it's a waste even if you can afford it, throw some extra donations into the food bank box at your grocery store.

  • Sharquy 31 Mar, 2009

    "Get a grip, like what did they use 1/4 cup of milk. I bet you waste more than that every week!!"
    2 cups actually, Moe

  • oxfordpike 31 Mar, 2009

    One year when my kids were young I told them we were having cupcakes for supper. I made meatloaf in cupcake pans and iced them with mashed potatoes colored with blue food coloring.

  • hugmehugs 31 Mar, 2009

    For those who think this is wasting milk; there's another prank on this site about adding blue food coloring to the milk carton.
    No waste. Of course, it would have to be a carton you couldn't see through.

  • stoney17 31 Mar, 2009

    If you don't want to use bottled milk, I'm sure powdered milk would work just as well. Even the smallest package makes gallons!

  • NancyMcManus 31 Mar, 2009

    Cute idea; wish it had been around when my boys were young. Now I'll just have to wait for grandkids!! ;)

  • Luv2Crft 31 Mar, 2009

    I live in CA, where everything is expensive! However, I can go to my local store and buy a gallon of milk for $2.10, which comes to about $0.28 for two cups. That is so much cheaper than many of the things Martha calls for in her crafts, like paper, craft punches, etc. Just think of it as a supply, rather than wasting food (and the rest of it will even get used, as opposed to sitting in the craft box indefinitely)!

  • ggonlsd 31 Mar, 2009

    OMG! LoloMarie should be LocoMarie...1st, get a life and 2nd, it's a prank.

  • Frenchy8870 31 Mar, 2009

    I think it is wonderful. Life is too short not to have a little fun. Thanks Martha

  • LoloMarie 31 Mar, 2009

    I can't believe one would waste expensive milk on a prank. This idea is shameful.

  • moetpa 31 Mar, 2009

    Get a grip, like what did they use 1/4 cup of milk. I bet you waste more than that every week!!

  • MomLinda 31 Mar, 2009

    While this is a cute prank, in this eccomomic crisis, I'd hesitate to waste good milk in this manner. Isn't there a safe white coloring that could be added to the water instead?

  • bunnylover 31 Mar, 2009

    Hey Winterbeach, My very first thought too was, n n n n n n In n n n n n d hate to waste milk like that!n n n n n n but then I realized that some things are more important. Your kids will be laughing so hard, telling all their friends and talking about this for years to come, and that is PRICELESS! Wouldnn n n n n n t you agree?

  • lvmycrazylab 31 Mar, 2009

    Wow, I don't think winterbeach is joking. Lighten up, life's too short to sweat the small stuff. Two cups of milk used as an Fool's Day prank is small stuff. Maybe you're having a bad day or dealing with some serious stuff. Either way it's a harmless, cost efficient joke. Hope your day gets better because your post is a bit extreme. Good Day

  • euni 31 Mar, 2009

    I never fail to be amused at some of the postings on this site. So many are creative and expand on MS's ideas while others are so negative. If y ou don't care for some of the ideas, be it in baking, crafts or organization, there is nothing says you have to go along. The delete key works very well to take care of the matter. All of you, please have a blessed day and remember live well, laugh much, love long; life is too short to be negative

  • SherriWilliams 31 Mar, 2009

    I find it especially funny that the ad to the right of this idea is Martha with a milk mustache under the caption "got milk?" Very appropriate!

  • chellewarren 31 Mar, 2009

    I love the chockoalte mlk idea for the kids! And using it in a bowl of cereal! Too funny! We have a local store that gives a gallon of milk free for every 10 you buy. I'm getting my free gallon today and putting it to good use! This will be so fun!

  • sparisie 31 Mar, 2009

    Jeez, mix it 50-50 with water if you're so concerned about "wasting", God forbid us to have any fun, let's all just focus on the bad...

  • Kimberlyfroi 31 Mar, 2009

    I'm sorry to hear about winterbeachs situation. Things must be bad when you need to vent aggression on Maybe if winterbeach got a part time job she could afford the .50 cents for the prank, it might be a better use of her time than dissing everything on the internet that she cant afford.

  • gsrader 31 Mar, 2009

    I think this is a hoot! I'll do it today, hide it in the fridge until tonight, and when my husband puts out cereal in the morning, it'll be at the front for him to pick up. He'll get a kick out of it, and I suspect it'll go to work with him. I'll make a loaf of bread with it waste and a LOT of fun!

  • TinaHB 31 Mar, 2009

    Well, to some 2 cups of milk is a waste so they
    could just make half the recipe or even quarter the recipe and
    pretend they just "poured" a glass of milk and hand it to someone to drink.

  • hunter_and_gatherer 31 Mar, 2009

    Here is an idea for the milk after the joke is over-- I thought I would just warm it up again to liquefy it then put it in a smoothie or make yogurt the next day. You could also toss it into bread or make it into pudding. No waste. No big deal. Go have fun, ladies, and let's stop hurling insults. Wouldn't we tell our kids to grow up and stop acting this way if it were them?

  • Pablena 31 Mar, 2009

    I like this April Fools joke. Funny, but not cruel. I think we all need a good laugh especially at a time like this. I would have to come up with another way of pulling this one off, because putting milk in that sort of container would be a tip off and my April Fool's Joke would be spoiled.

    The economy may be making a HUGE correction, but this too will pass. It's not the end of the world. What doesn't kill you will only make you stronger!

    And that is no April Fool's.

  • jeanettenims 31 Mar, 2009

    If you don't like the idea just don't use, why comment on it! We are all going through hard times, some more than others, and i look up to all of us and those that can still smile and find the time to do something fun. There will always be waste, don't think for a second that any one on this site has forgotten about the recession. My kids colour me pictures all the time and because they are not professional should i then yell because they are wastefull!

  • teikotam 31 Mar, 2009

    What a great idea Martha, but remember, everyone has a right to their own comments positive, or negative. Have a great day everyone.
    Tam 2

  • JaybirdTX 31 Mar, 2009

    Good thinking Donna!!! and blessings to you as well....
    I think I will use white chocolate pudding in our milk jug and pull it out for DH :^)
    Thanks Martha!

  • Pamasaurus 31 Mar, 2009

    hahahaha this is pretty funny. In deed in these times the best thing we can do is have a little fun and so what if it wastes a lil something. That mud on your face will wash off even if you do have to use a lil soap in the process, winterbeach, but it's a renewable resource just like milk.

  • Djlogancat 31 Mar, 2009

    Oh my gosh...FreshSweetpeas! I Love your comment!!! I actually did the math. 37.5 cents on average for the price of 2 cups of milk. :) Who knew that a cute little prank could spark such debate!! I do believe that there may be others who need to lighten up a bit as well! Hopefully Winterbeach is just trying to be funny... but seriously who cares if she's not. Let the rest of us have fun!! Thanks Martha!

  • 93720cook 31 Mar, 2009

    Ok everybody, let's all take a deep breath. I think this is spiralling out of control. I hope everybody has a good day tomorrow.

  • DonnaThall 31 Mar, 2009

    Winterbeach, I've been out of work for a year. I lost my husband to cancer, and our home. God has remained to be faithful and supply our needs. Maybe it's prayers and faith you need. I will try this on my daughter but maybe I will use jello in the jar to look like pourable juice. It is then edible. We will pray for you and all others going through the recession with difficulty. Even God laughs, look at a duck -in the way he walks! Gods "fun" is all around us. You just have to look for it.

  • TheBananaFairy 31 Mar, 2009

    Thank you for pointing that out FreshSweetPeas. Some poeple have bad days and feel the need to take it out on the internet. I think WinterBeach got what they wanted: attention. Maybe WinterBeach doesn't have loved ones at home prank or be pranked. We know not the reasons, only that it sounds like WinterBeach is narrow minded and uncreative.
    I for one will do this for my son(5), I'm sure he will get a giggle even though we have no money right now for medicines or milk.

  • LindsiW 31 Mar, 2009

    Sounds like a safe and fun joke!! My kids would love it then eat it!!! There is nothing in here that tells you to throw it out! Don't let it go to waste- make a pudding out of it. Turn that frown upside down- have some fun in life! Life it to short!!!!

  • FreshSweetPeas 31 Mar, 2009

    This harmless prank would cost less than $.50 to do for your kids. I think it's a cute idea and know that my kids would LOVE it! Winterbeach, if you can't afford to spend less than $1 on a cute prank and then reheat the milk to make a pudding, maybe you should consider canceling your internet service too to scale back on your spending.

  • luuvely 31 Mar, 2009

    i think winterbeach is just joking...riight?? she has to be..she is practicing for april fools tomorrow :) right??

  • jcristan 31 Mar, 2009

    Get a grip winterbeach. Have a sense of humor. No wonder your screen name is winterbeach, if you werent so boring you would be summer beach. lol

  • PhotoGal 31 Mar, 2009

    When my four children were still at home I sometimes made a gelatin pudding like this, and added flavorings and sugar (sweetner), or instead of milk, use coconut milk for a tropical flavor

  • ginaagain 31 Mar, 2009

    My friend uses jello for this idea. In a pitcher it looks just like koolaid and the kids get a fun dessert.

  • dLo 31 Mar, 2009

    If you use Heavy Cream instead of milk, you can save it for a chocolate glacage. Just add a few more ingredients for a great topping on cream puffs!

  • Ladysemour 31 Mar, 2009

    Winterbeach do you need 2 cups of milk, I would be more then happy yo send it to you. Much love, Lady

  • linscottjmb 31 Mar, 2009

    This year we are having pink frosted "cake" for dinner (meatloaf with pink mashed potatoes) and for dessert I was thinking about making one of those cat litter cakes... I might make the kids chocolate milk "unpourable"

  • buhu 31 Mar, 2009

    I think this is a great way to start the day. My 5 year old will love it and so will by 45 year old. Both will think I am very funny and cool. Thanks for the SUGGESTION.

  • primadiana 31 Mar, 2009

    oh fer crying out loud! a cup of milk isn't going save anyone or anything! Get some creativity in your lives and think of alternatives! Water and flour makes the milky look. Or cornstarch! Then save it for a white sauce later.. or a gravy base.
    I think MS has given us the "IDEA" to use and to perfect. Riddiculing her creativity shows your narrow mindedness. Nuff said.

  • linscottjmb 31 Mar, 2009

    Last year I poured the kids cereal into a bowl, added the milk, stuck in the spoon and put it in the freezer the night before. When they came to the table in the morning everything was frozen together. They laughed and laughed. Anything that can make you kids laugh like that is worth doing once a year!

  • jpnlpinlove 31 Mar, 2009

    Yay! Happy people unite against bitter complainers!

  • linscottjmb 31 Mar, 2009

    It is 2 cups of milk. You act like they are telling you to feed a $100 prime rib to a dog. If you don't like it hit delete.

  • Royalwe1 31 Mar, 2009

    I think you are a taking this a little too seriously, winterbeach. Martha isn't forcing anyone to waste milk. Have a little fun, it sounds like you might need it.

  • LeslieBeth 31 Mar, 2009

    I agree with bluecreek, it's the first thing I thought of. Make a dessert and have some fun. Certainly need a laugh these days!

  • aeo072659 31 Mar, 2009

    Winterbeach. Lighten up! You never once wasted anything??? PLEASE!!!!! And this is simply just fun! To see someone smile and the silliness! With everything going on in North America as you say, isn't nice that something as silly as this could bring smiles to people???? I hate to see you at a party or gathering! A bit of a "Debbie Downer"!!!!!!!!

  • rileys_mommy 31 Mar, 2009

    What a stupid idea. Totally un-funny.

  • scrapbookdi 31 Mar, 2009

    I agree. It's a harmless prank that can help brighten the mood and give everyone a good laugh. If I didn't live alone I would do it. :-)

  • chilisoelas 31 Mar, 2009

    Last time I checked, water and gelatin were both edible. Maybe winterbeach should thank martha for comining up with a creative prank that is fun and still edible! For those of us using milk in boxes, we could use a little sugar and then open it up for a sliced dessert. Wow - no waste there.

    Lighten up winterbeach, there are way more areas of waste in your own backyard I am sure.

    Keep the good stuff coming Martha!!! Love you.

  • lbuser 31 Mar, 2009

    Get a grip, winterbeach, this is an April Fools joke. Not to mention that it doesn't take much imagination to figure out that you can use LOTS of substitutes to actual milk. Like: Paint. Hello. Or soured milk, if you have any that is old. Or thin out milk with water. Or ... My goodness, this column is supposed to give us relief from the economic issues of the world. This would be great for little kids to play on Dad.

  • kimespinoza 31 Mar, 2009

    Winterbeach does make one good point. There are a lot of negative things we could focus on however, if this brings a smile to someone... great! It may change their attitude and help them to be more productive for that day.
    Thank you Martha Stewart for always providing inexpensive ways to entertain.

  • clutzyblonde 31 Mar, 2009

    I think this is a great morning April Fools Joke for your kids. It will get them started and in the right mood for a fun april Fools day. Good Job Martha and a little bit of milk spent for a happy smile is worth the waste. Thanks Martha!

  • Chatty55Kathy 31 Mar, 2009

    Now, really! Let's NOT cry over spilled milk! Gosh it's only 2 cups!

  • leccles 31 Mar, 2009

    Maybe Winterbeach's comment is an April Fool?? It has to be...

  • bluecreek 31 Mar, 2009

    Who says that this milk is wasted? Add a little vanilla and a bit of sugar and you will have a perfectly acceptable, if somewhat unorthodox, desert.

    April Fool's Day is a holiday to lighten up a little and take a step away from all the woes you list.

  • ZinniasGarden 31 Mar, 2009

    I agree it's just a joke , use it if you want or do something else winterbeach

  • pboszko 31 Mar, 2009

    what a waste of good food!

  • Mrs S 31 Mar, 2009

    In their defense, this was originally published some time ago.

  • happy_mom 31 Mar, 2009

    This is too funny! Kids waste milk. Just use some milk that would get wasted anyway and have a little fun!

  • auntieup 31 Mar, 2009

    Winterbeach, your the one that needs to get a grip....its time like these that we need a little levity in our lives...You go Martha!!!

  • kathygeorge 31 Mar, 2009

    I agree. I am also old enough to remember when Mr. Potatohead was played with a real potato. I didn't get to play with him very often. Wasting food is not cool.

  • ZinniasGarden 31 Mar, 2009

    This is only a suggestion

  • fuzzworth 31 Mar, 2009

    i think winterbeach needs to get a grip, its just a joke. have a sense of humor.

  • winterbeach 31 Mar, 2009

    WOW!!! In this climate of recession, global economic woes, foreclosures, massive job layoffs, and very unethical bailouts and bonuses to big corps, MS is advocating wasting milk. For shame. Get a grip on what is really happening in North America and the world Martha.