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Holiday Gumdrop Pops

Martha Stewart Living, December 2008

Stack gumdrops, dot them with sprinkles and other candies in creative ways, and watch the colorful confections come to life as snowmen, Santas, and other icons of the season. Wrap the candy pops in cellophane bags, and then attach them to gifts or slip them into stockings. Or create a holiday display: Partially fill a large glass jar with sanding sugar, and stand the figurines on flower frogs in the sparkling "snow."

Slide gumdrops onto candy sticks to create body of each pop. (Use leaf-shaped gumdrops for holly pop.) 

For Santa
Use top half of 1 small gumdrop for hat. Trim 2 oblong candies for arms. Use candy-coated seeds for buttons and pom-pom. Poke candy where facial features will go with a skewer; use sticky tip to pick up and place nonpareils for eyes and nose. 

For Tree
Use 1 flattened gumdrop for base of tree. Use 1 small gumdrop for trunk. Cut sides from 1 gumdrop; press sides around top of stick, for treetop. Flatten 1 gumdrop; using an aspic cutter, cut out star. Insert sprinkles for lights. 

For Snowman
Trim top of head; top with 1 candy wafer and half of 1 small gumdrop for hat. Using a skewer (see "For Santa"), place nonpareils for eyes, mouth, and buttons. Insert sprinkle for nose. 

For Holly
Use halves of small gumdrops for berries. 

For Mushroom
Use 1 small gumdrop for stem. Use sequin sprinkles for dots.

Comments (7)

  • Lotuslulu 4 Feb, 2011

    This was a cute centerpiece on my holiday table this year. I think next year I will make extra characters to give to the kids as sweet treats.

  • Clara1212 14 Nov, 2010

    You can find gumdrops of all sizes at target's candy section. They have them in plastic boxes.

  • erchanel 14 Nov, 2010

    where do i find large white gumdrops??? im dying to try these but cant find the right candy!

  • Mom4_3 20 Nov, 2009

    This is adorable! I will make these for my 8 year old's room as part of his Christmas decor. I will add a lid to the jar because spills happen.

  • Bardita 4 Nov, 2009


  • Svea 17 Dec, 2008

    Wow! What a fun and affordable/adorable craft. We recently hosted a large Christmas party with many adults and children and everyone (adults included) had a blast making these. Even the littlest ones could make something easily. They were the hit of the party! I'll be making extra to give away on my cookie plates to friends and neighbors.

  • katm 28 Nov, 2008

    These are so cute. Good job Martha!
    From Madison age 10