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Mount a Magnetic Strip on the Wall




  1. Step 1

    Mount the rack to the wall using screws and a screwdriver.

  2. Step 2

    Place small objects, such as buttons and safety pins, in round metal tins or steel boxes with tight-fitting lids.

  3. Step 3

    Use superglue to affix a sample of the contents to the top of each box so you'll know what's inside; place the bottom side on the magnet.

  4. Step 4


    Suspend larger metal objects, such as scissors or a stainless-steel ruler, directly on magnet.

Organizing Good Things 2005, October/November 2005



Reviews (37)

  • rubyinga 8 Jan, 2012

    Love this idea....thanks so much for sharing!

  • ibcrafter 8 Jan, 2012

    Amazon has a 15" magnetic strip from Chicago Cutlery for $16.86. I also found some small clear plastic containers from Target that could have a magnetic strip attached.

  • Susanne527 13 Jan, 2011

    Great idea--my newest endeavor is recycling Mayo/Miracle Whip small plastic jars---wash em out--strip label and instant container for small doodads in my craft room--I do what to try the magnetic wall hanging thing--need to get to a container store soon!

  • Susanne527 13 Jan, 2011

    This is a great idea---want SEE-THROUGH Plastic covered containers---need to SEE THROUGH everything in my craft room--I recycle small plastic MAYO and Miracle Whip jars --very reuseable--the labels come right off and the mayo smell is long gone after a good wash!

  • cts412c 17 Jun, 2010

    I use a magnetic strip in my kitchen to hang up knives. No counter space used up with a block, no throwing them in drawers to get nicked.

  • donron 28 Apr, 2010

    you can get these at Ikea and the tins I found at my Loblaws/Superstore.

  • shagnasty 28 Apr, 2010

    where are these magnetic strips

  • Debi55 28 Apr, 2010

    Where do you get magnetic strip

  • nancyjayne 27 Apr, 2010

    where can you find magnetic tins???

  • FrancesCT 27 Apr, 2010

    I'm considering doing a magnetic whiteboard with the paint on magnetic whiteboard paint on a door to use for leaving notes

  • hwgang 27 Apr, 2010

    Ooops, forgot to mention that you cut the magnetic tape and stick it to the bottom of the favor containers so they're magnetic. This way they cost about 60 cents a container and they're just as good as BBB's at $4 each.

  • hwgang 27 Apr, 2010

    My solution to this: a magnetic white board (Costco--$20). Next, Wilton wedding favor containers (Michaels) $20 for 30 BEFORE a coupon. My look exactly like the ones Martha's showing except they're heart shaped, but they come in round as well) Finally, some 1" self-stick magnet tape (lots of craft Now I have a big surface where I can store DOZENS of bits and pieces in my sewing room as well as pin up other items, write myself a note, etc. All for UNDER $40.

  • grizandgrump 27 Apr, 2010

    Bed, Bath and Beyond has these really wonderful magnetic container, 3.99 each! Instead of the magnetic strip, just a plain steel strip, cheaper in the long run.

  • peppemintpatty 17 Feb, 2010

    great idea...but also like the comments from others...especially combining pegboard with magnetic strip.!!

  • 80kay 16 Feb, 2010

    A Google search for "magnetic wall strips" will pull up several results.

    I use the opposite technique--my strips are just steel, and I use magnetized containers. Organizers designed for school lockers are very handy for pencils, tweezers, seam rippers, etc. I also use one of my strips to hang pattern pieces while they're out of their envelopes. And I got my clear-topped magnetic spice jars, which I use for safety pins, at Bed Bath

  • kelliecrain 16 Feb, 2010

    If you mix this idea in with Martha's Peg Board idea it's really useful.
    Mount the magnetic strip to the peg board for all of your magnetic items and then hang all other items from pegs on the board. Also mounting square hard plastic baskets to the Peg Board will allow you to store the things that do not hang or have a magnetic back. Another idea I had was to add to Peg Board a chalkboard for when you need to jot down supplies, ideas reminders or messages.

  • freakylizard 17 Jan, 2009

    I really like this idea. Magnets rock!

  • realtomatoe 17 Jan, 2009

    This idea could also be used for spices in the kitchen.

  • RiverGal 17 Jan, 2009

    ooooops . I get it....:)

  • RiverGal 17 Jan, 2009

    If the cans are fixed this way, what prevents everything spilling out every time you unscrew the lid?

  • Nannie_Thimble 17 Jan, 2009

    This idea is good for some areas, but for those that have compluterized sewing machines the magnets can wipe out the memory of the machine.

  • Heather416 16 Jan, 2009

    Hi Granjay
    May i ask what dept in Cdn Tire you found the strip?
    I am guessing hosewares but i would lik to know - my local stores are so big.

  • shumwasha 16 Jan, 2009

    I think this idea is very clever and plan to use in my sewing room. One caution however: Computers are very sensative to magnetic disturbance. If you have a computerized sewing machine you might want to consider mounting the strip WELL away from the machine. It can cause irreversable damage to the machine's memory and display screen.

  • GRANJAY 16 Jan, 2009

    If you're Canadian, you can purchase the metal strip and the containers at Canadian Tire. I buy 3 sets and use them to store my spices and herbs. When we go to Florida for the winter, I take the strips and all the containers with me to use down south. At home I store everything in a drawer, but space is limited in our place down south so I store the metal strips and the containers on the side of the fridge.

  • mspackfan 16 Jan, 2009

    My dad did this in his garage to hold his smaller screwdrivers, wrenches,etc. All the stuff that seems to sink to the bottom of a toolbox.

  • happy77777 16 Jan, 2009

    what a great idea.

  • diannam 16 Jan, 2009

    great minds thinks alike!

  • mandy_saulnier 16 Jan, 2009

    I have the same magnetic stip in my kitchen for knives and sissors, i purchased it at ikea for 12$.

  • diannam 16 Jan, 2009

    these magnetic strips are also available at IKEA for less than 10 dollars. I use mine for knives. can see at a glance rather than in the knife block.

  • airzinnn 16 Jan, 2009

    I have done this in my crafts room and in my kitchen where I store spices on the fridge... be careful though, I have found the metal ones tend to rust over time with the spices in them and I cannot get the lids off... too much moisture in the kitchen? They do make plastic ones as well called See

  • lbuser 16 Jan, 2009

    Pier 1 and the World Imports store, and other import type stores, sell similar containers with clear lids and the magnets already attached to the bottom. You can then mount a steel strip - from Home Depot - to the wall and pop these little round boxes onto it. The round boxes with magnets come in 2 sizes.

  • Escoblooms 16 Jan, 2009

    Thank you Nicole, I was wondering where I could find a magnetic strip. I would also like to know where to find larger pieces of magnet materials too.

  • CrAf_T 28 Jun, 2008

    This is also a great way to organize dried herbs and spices in the kitchen! Just place the magnetic strip on the inside of a cupboard. Make labels using a label maker, or for a more decorative touch-find pictures of the herbs cut to fit the lid. I found mine in a magazine that had some really pretty pictures of different herbs which also included the names.

  • NicoleStein 13 May, 2008

    The Container Store sells magnetic strips and the little magnetic containers, as well as IKEA

  • NicoleStein 13 May, 2008

    The Container Store sells magnetic strips and the little magnetic containers, as well as IKEA

  • supertikirocks 13 Apr, 2008

    the last time i was at ikea, about a year ago, they had magnetic strips like this for $0.99

  • skim 10 Mar, 2008

    I love this project, but haven't been able to find this anywhere, can you please give me some information on where to find this? Thanks