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Wheels in Motion

Martha Stewart Living, September 2007

The floor beneath the kitchen table -- that favored spot for family breakfasts, afternoon snacks, and late-night indulgences -- requires frequent cleanups. Fit your table with swivel casters and, with a gentle push, you'll no longer have to vacuum around its legs. To create holes for the casters, measure the diameter of their stems, and fit a power drill with the appropriate bit. Drill holes into each leg, and insert the casters. Make sure that at least two of the casters have locks, so that your table will stay put when you want it to.

Comments (15)

  • portriverside 8 Mar, 2014

    My son bought an antique dining room table set but is missing its 6 caster wheels. Any ideal where I can buy new ones? It probable came with porcelain wheels to begin with. It's very heavy walnut. Could he add wood to the bottom to raise the height if he can't find a nice looking caster?

  • Dian Flesher 16 Aug, 2013

    We have an antique kitchen table which belonged to my husbands Nana and it was made with casters [wheels] on it. I love it because, yes, just a slight nudge and you can move it to clean.

  • cathydain 6 Apr, 2013

    I agree with 1982. I think it's very pretty! Nice and simple, elegant.

  • Since1982 23 Feb, 2013

    I'm not sure when, "If you don't have something nice to say . . . " went out of style but I would be so very happy if it returned.

  • Orah 27 Jul, 2010

    Is it just me? The look is hideous and just seems a huge hassle to saw your table legs to compensate for added height. If you have that much energy surely you can move the table a couple inches to clean. Putting wheels on changing table to repurpose it to a potting table...genius.

  • love_my_sheltie 24 Jul, 2010

    If you can't add casters, and have carpeting, try furniture sliders. I have them under most of my furniture so that I can move the items easily in order to vacuum! They also make thick felt ones for hardwood floors. Check Lowe's or Walmart for them.

  • kardlady 24 Jul, 2010

    Table wheels is a great idea!

  • kailua2pdx 23 Jul, 2010

    Remember to take into account the height of your table, chair seats, and wheels - you may need to take an inch or two off the table legs before attaching the wheels. I added wheels to my coffee table years ago and loved how easy it was to roll out of the way - for movie nights, exercising, vacuuming.

  • carabau 23 Jul, 2010

    I love this idea! I'll use it for a recently aquired baby-diaper changing table transformed into a plant /seedling stand. The option to roll out into full sun for a few hours a day is fantastic!

  • Leapnow 23 Jul, 2010


  • tess_of_st_paul 23 Jul, 2010

    I'd use wheels you can lock, or everytime someone touches the table, it would move. Plus, how hard is it to clean around the legs of the table once you move the chairs out of the way? Seems like a lot of work to me.

  • camilliamae 5 Jul, 2010

    With children this would be a nightmare. Once they figured out to roll the table, the walls would soon be damaged, at least.

  • CatLMurray 21 Mar, 2010

    I have wheels on my sewing cabinet, they don't damage the floor at all. I am going to put wheels on my dining table.

  • love_my_sheltie 19 Mar, 2010

    My suggestion is to use rubber type casters then they won't damage the floor.

  • 08estLKP 18 Mar, 2010

    won't the casters damage the flooring?