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Clothing Fix-It Kit

Martha Stewart Living, March 2007

Here's a mending must-have: A simple business-card organizer (from an office-supply store) that keeps all the fixings for your clothes in one place. Label and tuck your spare buttons, thread samples, cloth tags, and even those scratchy fabric-care labels you snip off garments (or pillows and blankets) into the compartments. It will be a snap to find them later.

Comments (17)

  • DRS753 3 May, 2013

    Excellent idea! Can also use it to store loose buttons found in the wash, until one has a moment to sew them back on to their garment ...

  • aminla 9 Oct, 2010

    Another use for these business card organizers is to place several sheets in a 3 ring binder to keep not only business cards, but frequent flier cards, rewards cards, loyalty cards, etc. instead of in my wallet. All of my cards are in one place, and it's very easy to find the particular card when I need it.

  • Syzwikkai 9 Oct, 2010

    You could also use baseball card holders. This is what I use for my coupon organizing.

  • metis 9 Oct, 2010

    This would be a great thing to send along with your kids when they go off to college. I had a little "basic sewing instruction" session for my son and all his friends - it was hilarious but they told me years later that it had come in useful. A kit like this would have been a great send-along as well.

  • jonimacaroni 9 Oct, 2010

    Very good idea ..instead of hunting for the items when needed's at your fingertips!

  • Chia1 14 May, 2010

    This is an idea I wish I had thought of long ago. This may also be a good idea for garment tags that I want to keep, even temporarily, to remind me of washing instructions, etc.

  • Cookingforsix 13 May, 2010

    Neat idea....I think I will use an old Pokemon that my daughter has out grown the cards...recycling for a great idea. Merci!

  • debbiegjerde 17 Sep, 2009

    What a "god" send. Set up in my master closet. One of THE best organizing ideas ever. Thank you.

  • anneanderson 6 Sep, 2009

    What a great idea. For me, I am going to add a picture of my garment or I will stilll have a hard time finding what goes with each item. Thank for the tip!

  • bensmom63 6 Sep, 2009

    Great idea! I can also see using this organizer for cross stitch thread and coupons too.

  • phylte 14 Mar, 2009

    I thought I was organized putting these items in one place, but alas, it was still a mess finding what I needed, but this was simply BRILLIANT!! Couldn't have been simpler and stays right in my closet, rather than in the sewing basket.

  • hayleythomson 29 Feb, 2008

    I did it, it works brilliantly and once you've bought the ring binder and card holders it takes 5 mins to assemble. Now I just have to remember to add spare buttons to it whenever I buy new clothes...

  • afidelino20 24 Feb, 2008

    Make sense. Love it!

  • Serendipitywiz 22 Feb, 2008

    I like it, I have tons, but when I need it I can't find it.

  • adoregorgeousstuff 22 Feb, 2008

    Easy to make and to use.It is very useful!!

  • Rosemee 21 Feb, 2008

    I'm decluttering. Was wondering how I could keep the minimums on hand without the eight bins of sewing supplies. Great tip, thanks!

  • thehoffmanfam 21 Feb, 2008

    Sounds like a good ideal to me :)