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Print Transfers

Photography: Sang An

Source: Martha Stewart Living


Emphasize the theme of a party by uniting all the elements -- invitations, gifts, place cards, favor tags, and napkin rings -- with a single design or icon, such as the "20" (for an anniversary). It's easy and inexpensive to do with rub-off transfers, which can be made with a black-and-white laser printer or copier and a few supplies. With a colorless marker known as a blender (available at crafts stores and usually used for blending marker colors together), you can transfer the ink from a laser-printed or copied image onto another surface.


  • Rub-off transfers

  • Black-and-white laser printer or copier

  • Colorless marker (blender)

  • Scissor


  1. Print a mirror image of the icon or text using the "mirror" function found on certain software programs and copiers; cut out, and place facedown on the surface where you want the design.

  2. Let dry for five minutes. When you peel away the paper, the image will remain in place. This process works successfully on most paper, ribbons, and fabrics; be sure to do a test run first.

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