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Baking Sheet Boot Trays




Rectangular baking sheets make perfect receptacles for wet shoes and boots. The pans move easily in and out of cubbyholes, taking their contents out of the way. Once the shoes are dry, the pans can be washed and replaced.


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Organizing Good Things 2005



Reviews (6)

  • WonderWomyn 9 Jan, 2010

    let's remember the dollar store carries crap from China doing us in the USA no good at all and hardly worth the lead-based paint in most of their crap.....

  • lovinmartha 4 Jan, 2010

    I have heard of a version where you fill the tray will river rocks or pebbles. It might be a little prettier and show less dirt that way.

  • sperky 4 Jan, 2010

    Sorry, but somehow I can not imagine this in Martha's home! Anyone else think the same thing or is it just me?

  • JaneAnnie 3 Jan, 2010

    This would certainly do in a pinch, but those baking sheets are pretty expensive and you can purchase inexpensive boot/shoot trays in the dollar store!

  • sparkydo 3 Jan, 2010

    That is a very good idea.
    I have a problem with wet and sandy shoes. That would take care of the sandy shoes problem.

  • Ali171 2 Jan, 2009

    There is a potential problem with this idea. If the boots are wet the metal pan can rust overtime. If you live in Canada the salt will make the pan rust faster. It's cute for warmer climates though. I guess if need be you could spray paint a plastic tray silver for a similar look if moisture is a problem.