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Ribbon Storage Racks

Martha Stewart Living, April/May 1992

To keep ribbons organized, build storage racks from copper gutters. Have a lumberyard cut a half-round gutter and cap the ends. Punch holes along top edge; mount in a dry place away from sunlight to keep ribbons from fading.


Comments (10)

  • AnneElizabeth66 4 Apr, 2013

    You can purchase galvanized metal at a much much more reasonable cost and they still look great!

  • Char59 6 Jan, 2012

    Are you kidding me? 10 ft of copper gutter costs over $100 and that doesn't include the end caps? Martha might be able to afford that, but as for me, I'll keep mine on dowels in a shoe box!

  • MHeider 18 Nov, 2009

    Rupee. I recycle used ribbon inside a GLAD Press ?

  • colloquium512 2 Jul, 2009

    Maryps, where did/can you purchase the cards and the boxes you mentioned? I don't think I've seen them--or I'm not looking in the right places! Sounds like a great idea! thanx

  • maryps 30 Jun, 2009

    Rupee, I wrap my ribbons onto Cropper Hopper Fiber Storage Cards, then organize by color in 9x13x2 clear boxes with adjustable dividers. My ribbons are visible, protected from dust, and portable. This system is compact and inexpensive - the cards are 25/$1; the boxes are $3 to $8. Artbin Prism boxes are crystal clear and well made. Plano Prolatches are tough and have a secure latch, but are not as clear. The cheap opaque ones in many craft stores are not as durable and some donn n n n n n t stay closed.

  • marichelle 29 Jun, 2009

    Rupee, What I've seen others do is rolling each ribbon on a vintage clothes pin and placing them in closed-lid jars. Hope that helps!

  • Rupee 29 Jun, 2009

    my ribbon collection isn't on spools - I have loose odds and sods which I've never been able to organise effectively. does anyone have a solution? thanks very much.

  • Natalie_111 29 Jun, 2009

    As a busy busy busy hair bow maker you have just saved my life! lol

  • lbuser 29 Jun, 2009

    This IS a great idea. And copper is so pretty in a craft room. Thanks for a unique idea for handling ribbon spools of differing sizes. I had previously stacked mine in a hanging shoe rack and hung it in the closet. I like this one better - I can see all the ribbons I have, grab the one I want and put it back without trouble. And it looks good to boot.

  • Kirsteen 24 Feb, 2008

    This is such a great idea. I've been looking at different options, but this is great. I can have them as long or as short as I want. Thanks!