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Coordinate Containers

Organizing Good Things 2005, October 2005

Metal baskets once used for milk bottles and other groceries make perfect storage units for the kitchen or office. For maximum impact, choose similar containers, but vary their sizes and shapes (the metal ones, at left, feature punched holes and wire grids). Line baskets with canvas, and group them together to organize an entire roomful of odds and ends.

Comments (19)

  • SEGWAY 11 Apr, 2011

    painted in metallics would be nice too.

  • mykele 7 Oct, 2009

    What happened to comments 5 through 15? web site problems???

  • lilwils 7 Oct, 2009

    Flea markets, yard sales, thrift stores

  • dragonladyevelyn 7 Oct, 2009

    where can you get these wire baskets?

  • activist_mom 12 Sep, 2008

    Love the baskets. Where can I get them in the SF Bay area or online?

  • GrannyMac 6 Sep, 2008

    Love these wire baskets. What's the source?

  • debbie_k19 5 Sep, 2008

    To get a better look at the pictures you can copy and paste to a word document and enlarge to 250%or 500%. Good way to see the details.

  • Janelizabethann 5 Sep, 2008

    I'd like to be able to enlarge and zoom all the pictures for all the projects.

  • sunshine 4 Sep, 2008

    Just a few days ago Martha had the idea of "Linen-Lined Baskets". this is the same concept but this article was for woven baskets instead of wire baskets. Maybe for the people looking for some instructions on how to do this can take a look at that article and get some idea's. Hope this helps somebody.

  • dina00 4 Sep, 2008

    can you refer a source for these baskets? thank you !!

  • jnapier 4 Sep, 2008

    I have gotten some basket at tag sales, but also found some at

  • Mdroffner28 9 Feb, 2015

    Great ideas

  • goodjuju73 4 Sep, 2008

    A lot of antique or second hand stores carry these baskets, you might also try the Container store or ebay.

    I think the canvas has little ties you loop around one of the pieces of metal and just tie it on to secure it to the basket?

  • ixip 4 Sep, 2008

    If you go to Michaels craft stores, or Joann's you will find baskets there that have liners like these, just take a look at how they have been put together. If you check the different pattern books such as Butterrick or McCalls in the home or crafts section of the books you can find patterns to make thee liners. To find baskets like these you are going to need to check antique or flea markets, or I have seen newer versions in different catalogs. Buy a lined basket on sale and use as pattern.

  • purebreed 4 Sep, 2008

    I like all these idea..........but where does the stuff come from. We need rescoures or acitive......websites and stores. Thanks
    St. Louis

  • Anna_Marie 4 Sep, 2008

    I have bought wire baskets, because I love the look and greenness of reusing old things. But when I got them home, they were impractical to use because of the large open spaces. I never thought about lining them....that would solve the opening problem and show off the esthetic pattern of the wire so much better. Thanks!

  • MeghanP 4 Sep, 2008

    Can you share where to purchase the containers? And similarly for future organization tips - where can you find the items you recommend?

  • jleighton81 4 Sep, 2008

    How do you tie the canvas to inside of the baskets?

  • karietexas 4 Sep, 2008

    Where can I find baskets like these? I love the idea?