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Flash Freeze

Martha Stewart Living, July 2007

Here's a great way to chill beverages in time for an impromptu backyard barbecue. Place wine or other bottles in a bucket; add a layer of ice, followed by a layer of salt (coarse or table); repeat until you almost reach the top. Fill the bucket with cold water to just below the ice line. The water in the ice bucket will be colder than normal, chilling the libations in less than 10 minutes. We'll drink
to that!

Comments (7)

  • Sweet16me 26 May, 2014

    Awesome idea. I would love to try this on a weekend. Thanks for sharing.
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  • TheBeachBum 6 Jul, 2011

    Be mindful of disposal after the party is over. Salt will kill plants or grass if the bucket is emptied on them. Make sure you have plastic pipes if you pour down the sink...salt corrodes metal RINSE, RINSE, RINSE if you have metal pipes.

  • akcbmlg 8 Jun, 2010

    My one recommendation would be to rinse the bottles off with clean water before serving. When making icecream, if you are not carefull on opening the container, you can wind up with a salty dessert. You wouldn't want salt water dripping down into your beverages as you served.

  • RitaGrace 10 Jul, 2008

    This is a great idea,thanks I never thought of water and salt.Sometimes you have to give the old gray matter a poke.thanks for all the great ideas.

  • marthaLAl 22 Jun, 2008

    I have made "homemade" Ice cream, but never thought to add the
    salt when chilling drinks. I will spread the word. THANKS!

  • misslucypetunia 2 Apr, 2008

    This is the classic way to chill wines. Nothing original here but it is good to remind us. The water is the key. This is how one used to get ice cream made as well.

    I use a huge tin tub for beer and wine for weekend parties.

  • nanacakes 13 Dec, 2007

    This is a great idea! We have lots of grill parties in the hot summer months and the wine and champagne start out chilled but by the end of the bottle it's always too warm. Putting the bottles in a bucket of plain ice doesn't work for long. Guests usually bring a bottle to share and then we have to wait too long for it to chill in the fridge. I really like this idea! It's so simple!