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Candy Wreath

This wreath might be too tempting to remain intact for long.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, October 1997


  • 2 pounds of hard candy in twisted wrappers

  • An 8-foot length of embroidery thread

  • A round wire wreath form that is 8 inches in diameter.


  1. Tie the center of the thread to the form, leaving two ends of equal length.

  2. Hold the form between your knees (as shown), and make a loose knot on the outside of the form. Place ends of three wrappers through loop; cinch the knot, and knot again.

  3. Tie another knot to the form, thus securing the candies to it, then gently position them side by side.

  4. Once candies are tied all around the form, hang it from a ribbon.

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