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Install a Gift-Wrapping Station

Organizing Good Things 2005, October 2005

A dry-erase calendar in a convenient place, such as the back of a pantry door, gives you quick reminders of birthdays, anniversaries, and other gift-giving occasions; wrapping supplies hang neatly below. Rolls of paper and ribbon are strung on removable dowels supported by curtain-rod brackets. Scissors and tape are suspended from screw-in coat hooks.

Comments (7)

  • 8 Dec, 2010

    I found a shoe rack at the department store that I didn't really like after trying it out in our it's been repurposed as a wrapping has four levels of double metal rods. that means I have 8 rolls of wrapping paper at my disposal plus room to put all the ribbon to coodrinate with the paper. I think I cost $30.

  • 17 Dec, 2008

    I put up a rod above the door in my walk in closet in the office. At least that made it easy to grab the color ribbon I wanted and they never got tangled. Alas that was in my old house and I haven't gotten around to putting one up in this house; and I miss it!

  • 17 Dec, 2008

    I did this right under some upper cabinets in my laundry room. I used 3 brackets, and one long dowel, and it holds 2 different colors of paper. Then did the ribbon on a dowel hung in the same manner underneath. It is colorful and handy. The scissors and tape are in an organized drawer below the counter. This still allows space on the counter for laundry tasks.

  • 19 Feb, 2008

    Not only a door, but consider the side of a cabinet or shelf, over a desk, etc. I definitely will be figuring out how I can incorporate this in my craft area!

  • 21 Dec, 2007

    As an organizer, I think this is a fabulous idea ~ and, if you wanted to have more than one roll hanging, just add more curtain rods etc.

  • 20 Dec, 2007

    Fabulous idea - gets the rolls of paper off the floor and prevents them getting squashed!

  • 20 Dec, 2007

    Fabulous idea - gets the rolls of paper off the floor and prevents them getting squashed!