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Eggcup Place Cards




Surprisingly versatile, eggcups can be transformed into miniature vases and place-card holders. Use a set of matching cups for a uniform look, or mix and match for an eclectic table setting.


  • Hydrangea
  • Seam binding or ribbon
  • Eggcup
  • 2-inch Styrofoam ball
  • Pencil
  • Art paper
  • Hole puncher


  1. Step 1

    Cut the stems short, and tie them with seam binding or ribbon; place the bouquet in an eggcup with a little water, allowing the ribbon to trail out of the cup. This technique can be used with any fresh or dried flowers; for dried ones, don't add any water.

  2. Step 2

    The dried globe thistles are anchored in a 2-inch Styrofoam ball. Place the Styrofoam into the eggcup, and trace around the ball with a pencil. Cut globe-thistle stems to a 1/2-inch length, and poke them into the ball, using the circled surface as a guide.

  3. Step 3

    Lay a length of seam binding or ribbon into the eggcup, allowing the ends to hang over the edges, then place the foam ball or fresh flowers on top. For the name tags, cut out strips of art paper, and punch a hole at one end. Accordion-fold the paper, then write a name by placing one letter in each square. Thread the ribbon through the hole so that the tag falls alongside the ribbon ends. Place one vase at each guest's setting.

Martha Stewart Living, July/August 1996



Reviews (6)

  • CraftTestDummies 7 Apr, 2008

    Wouldn't this be a fun way to leave little messages for the kids, too? Maybe use some of those plastic craft picks, a teeny stuffed animal, something fun, and then little note, like " You're my star" or "Good luck on your test!" What a great pick-me-up for a school-aged child!-Jenny at

  • s2dorchester 1 Apr, 2008

    I love this idea! I also use my egg cups for our daily dose of vitamins. They look so cute on the breakfast table next to a glass of juice.
    Sue in Prescott

  • Anna_Marie 30 Mar, 2008

    I know what you mean, knittingcontessa! lol I guess that will be my new scavenger hunt! keeping an eye out for egg cups to use next year!

  • fun4mom 30 Mar, 2008

    What a lovely way to use our fine china egg cups. Usually, we just use our everyday egg cups for breakfast or brunch! Thank You!!

  • knittingcontessa 30 Mar, 2008

    Cute as pie--------- and not an egg cup in the house!

  • karensis 30 Mar, 2008

    Can't wait to use the eggcup place-cards at the next book club bunch!