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Key Rack

Martha Stewart Living, August 2006

Rather than clutter a single hook with several sets of keys, make a custom board that gives each set its own clearly labeled space. To make the board, have a piece of Homasote fiberboard cut to fit into a picture frame. Cover board with a piece of linen, and staple it at back. Tuck the board into the frame, then nail on labels and attach one screw hook for each set of keys.

Comments (23)

  • heather05 7 Oct, 2013

    Wow, people are really upset about a burglar seeing the labels. I think if someone has already broken into your home it's a bit late to worry about keys. Obviously they don't need keys. And who the heck keeps their keys in a safe for goodness sake? Most people throw them on the counter/table top or in a bowl in the foyer. I think this project is a great idea. I love the look. And it would make it easy for kids to grab the right keys in an emergency.

  • MLM247 27 Aug, 2011

    Any burglar will be grateful for this idea. NEVER label your keys with rooms or street numbers. Home security companies can give you much better ideas. Why do you need to hang up the keys? Hide them from view at all times. Do not tell where they are hidden, unless you know the recipient of the information very well indeed. Employees should have their own set of keys and sign for it.

  • MaineGurl 27 Aug, 2011

    I love a lot of craft ideas on this site, but this is one I am not enthusiastic about - keys to the most expensive things you own, all neatly labeled and unsecured, ready for a thief to lift and use at his leisure! This would be better if it was given as an idea for how to organize your keys inside a wall safe or lock box.

  • HazelHamman 27 Aug, 2011

    I have a huge one that fits over the power box in my kitchen. It hides it and it just lifts up and you have access to the switches. We have 32 hooks which are adorned by keyrings and other memerobelia as well as keys. They are not labelled as I think that will be unsafe BUT we all know which key is where!!!! It has a thick frame around it which houses sunglasses lying around the house. For backing we used chalkboard paint and the children love to write messages next to their keys.

  • Tmramae 9 Apr, 2009

    I found homasote @ Home Depot. Call your different hardware/construction stores. They'll carry it.

  • caljuli 19 Feb, 2009

    I cannot find the Homasote fiberboard or the cute hooks anywhere! Help please.

  • lisasobell 26 Jan, 2009

    Love it! Yep, I've seen these labels in packs of six in the scrapbooking aisles.

  • mtndew22 24 Jan, 2009

    The labels can be found at scrapbooking stores and stores that carry their supplies (Michael's, JoAnn's, etc.

  • LadyGodiva 23 Jan, 2009

    Nail on labels? Where do you buy those little name plates?

  • EMulliken 23 Jan, 2009

    We had a burglar come in years ago and he took the time to go through our key rack to fine the key to get out the back door so no one could see him. Turned out to be a 13 year old. This is a great idea but MUCH better to keep them hidden. Another idea...our neighbor gave us a key to their house. Rather than putting the family name or address on the tag, they included a picture of one of their children. Most thieves would not know who belonged to the key but we would.

  • packrat 23 Jan, 2009

    Well, might as well make it easy for them, lol

  • Barnyard 23 Jan, 2009

    This is a nice idea except for when a burgular comes in

  • corknut 23 Jan, 2009

    I just found them on eBay. They are made by Making Memories.

  • mmoutes 23 Jan, 2009

    IKEA sells metal label holders. Also, you could use old-fashioned key tags that you can buy at scrapbooking stores. The scrapbooking store may also have cute labels - there are a lot of different types available.

  • Pamasaurus 23 Jan, 2009

    Apartment managers have to keep their keys in a locked box secured to a wall. As well, when the keys are labeled a thief will know exactly where to go for the Bentley or the motorcycle.

  • 104573 23 Jan, 2009

    Where can I purchase the oval identification labels pictured in this poroject...This information would be appreciated. Thank you >

  • Ricquel 23 Jan, 2009

    I think it would be a great idea to organize necklaces and bracelets. Just make it bigger and (obviously) you wouldn't have to label them!

  • corknut 23 Jan, 2009

    I would also like to know where I could find labels like that. They look like metal with paper under them. Very nice!

  • Allie from Albany 23 Jan, 2009

    I like the classy looking labels she's got on there. Wonder where I could find them.

  • nikirich 23 Jan, 2009

    I wish my keys looked that nice!

  • lbuser 23 Jan, 2009

    If you are so paranoid that you need to have your house keys locked behind a combination lock, then this is definitely not for you. Personally, I like the neatness of this project. I currently toss my keys onto a small desk next to the door to my garage, but I don't really like that. I have had key hangers in the past that were pegs screwed to a decorative board and painted to match my walls.

  • nicozilla_007 18 Jul, 2008

    If you are worried about home security, you could always place it on the inside of a cabinet in your laundry room or garage. You could also make a customized cabinet attaching this project to the back of the door, and the outside of the door be a chalk board (painted with chalkboard paint). Hope my suggestions helped!

  • Bosgrove 15 May, 2008

    Keeping keys out and clearly labeled is good for organization, but not for home security. Please provide tips on combination locked key boxes/cases instead of an open key rack - I find this is an area lacking in products designed for easy home use.