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Pinup Wreath

Decorate a wall or an interior door by hanging a holiday-card wreath.




  • Wood glue
  • Miniature wooden clothespins
  • Large embroidery hoop
  • Ribbon
  • Holiday cards


  1. Step 1

    Using wood glue, affix miniature wooden clothespins to a large (about 14-inch-diameter) embroidery hoop.

  2. Step 2

    Alternate clothespins to point outward and inward, spaced 1 1/2 inches apart.

  3. Step 3

    Suspend from a ribbon, and clip your cards in place as you receive them.

Martha Stewart Living, December 2002




Reviews (20)

  • BaughSunshine 14 Dec, 2012

    Ok I tried this and the clothespins don't clip on like in the photo. What am I doing wrong?

  • blonde049 20 Oct, 2014

    If you look closely at the clothes pins,just put a dot of glue on the back of it. That way you can still open and close them. I usually use E6000 for all my gluing. I hope this has helped you.

  • blonde049 21 Oct, 2014

    Also I would spray paint half of the clothes pins red and the other half green. I think that would be pretty.

  • millergirl 11 Dec, 2010

    Love this one, Martha

  • talialynn80 11 Dec, 2010

    totally cute idea! going to make them for some friends, too!

  • EibhlinBean 11 Dec, 2010

    Yay Martha! This is the kind of tip I look for--one I can do quick and a cool idea, too!

  • Mommyof3Girls 11 Dec, 2010

    Bought my hoop and pins this week so now I'm ready to make it this afternoon! Can't wait! Love the idea of using ribbon to match everyday decor for the during the whole year! My girls are always bringing me little pictures

  • RASMUS 11 Dec, 2010

    A really nice idea! I have loads of beautiful cards, antique, art etc, sitting in boxes. Next year they will be exhibited...

  • jummel 10 Nov, 2010

    I made one for my step daughter and it is such a cute idea! We hang it from the outside of her bedroom door so she can pinup all her Christmas artwork and drawings.

  • leoluna31 18 Feb, 2010

    I finally sat down and did this craft it came out beautiful! I used ribbon that matched my everyday decor so it can be used year round for small pictures or when christmas comes along for cards.

  • bcamom26 11 Dec, 2009

    this is too cute! love this idea and am making mine tonight!

  • sewwtpea 21 Nov, 2009

    I added strip magnet to the back of the hoop and hung it on my fridge for notes, grocery list, etc.

  • patktkay 23 Jun, 2009


  • maya2u 4 Sep, 2008

    What a great idea!. I will do this for my Hari Raya (muslim's festival after fasting for a month) next month. My home will definitely looks different then last year.

  • Anna_Marie 3 Aug, 2008

    This is a great idea! I may try it for my craft booth. The smaller sized hoops could be used with small clothespins for memos or business cards.

  • lilpunkinsmimi 1 Aug, 2008

    Small clothespins can be purchased at TAPS stores (Teacher and Parent Store). And I have also seen them at Michaels and AC Moore's, from time to time. Hope this helps:)

  • NancyMcManus 1 Aug, 2008

    Great Idea, MTHC! This would be perfect over my desk; much more interesting than a bulletin board, and the space really needs something. Wonder if small, plastic clothes pins would work. If not, any idea where to get small wooden ones?

  • mthc 1 Aug, 2008

    I could see this in the laundry room. Clip on laminated cards with tips for stain removal, recipes for homemade cleaning products, unmatched socks looking for partners, how about laminated cards with family members they can quickly identify their own stack of laundry

  • mthc 1 Aug, 2008

    Don't save this idea for the could be used year round instead of a bulletin board for photos, tickets, TO DO lists, coupons, phone messages etc. Mark clothes pins with family members names for their personal messages. Hang this by the embroidery hoop alone if the ribbon is too froo-froo for you.

  • SouthernBabiesdotcom 29 Apr, 2008

    How awesome. What a neat idea. I can't wait to make one of these. I have an idea in mind. My creative whees are turning