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Amaryllis Candle Centerpiece




With the help of these candle and flower centerpieces, the whole table will shine. For each one, use candle wax to attach a small floral frog to the center of a shallow bowl. Push a taper into the floral frog to secure. Pour water into the bowl. Clip amaryllis blooms (or other large flowers) from their stems, and arrange them in the bowl around the candle.

Martha Stewart Living, December 2007



Reviews (13)

  • horsemuffins 6 Jan, 2011

    this craft was excellent centerpiece for my tables, used for 17 people sit down dinner with the folding tables..which are only 3ft wide and 8ft. long. with plates and silverware and placement of the food, this was perfect idea!! used several small as shown and they didn't take up much space on the tables. but added the needed punch!! I used the matching saucers to my china with the flowers and candles on them..thanks MARTHA!!

  • AllHallowsEve 30 Dec, 2010

    Wow, roseinmiami - aren't you the rude one?! You obviously know nothing about the inner workings of the internet or you wouldn't have made such an ignorant statement. Those who appreciate Martha and this website will be better off without you. Run along and find someone on your own level to insult. And if Martha's show would replay in the evenings - I would watch her daily! Long live Martha Stewart.

  • roseinmiami 25 Dec, 2010

    did anyone else have to click about 6 times to get to this project? And click past 2 ads just to read the comments? No wonder Martha Stewarts stock is tanking. I defended her when she went to prison, but I aint gonna keep visiting this site if they keep shoving ads down my throat. (in fact I visit a lot less often thse days because of this...)

  • Sangye 24 Dec, 2010

    WHY would anyone want to cut the flowers from an amaryllis stem when they last so long on the stem? And are so beautiful. Can't imagine doing this for any reason.

  • Audds 2 Dec, 2010

    Thank You! for the great Christmas Deco ideas... find it sometimes so hard to be inspirational. Once again, many thanks

  • Maraolo 5 Nov, 2010

    I love you Martha, you are the best I learn a lot from you.

  • gladysflores 4 Dec, 2009

    no se en ingles pero todo lo que hace martha es bello funcional facil delicado y muy refinado gracias

  • flowerchild4 19 Dec, 2008

    I have some really nice (expensive) silk amarillis flowers, do you think this will work if I attached them 'somehow' (not sure how, yet) to a small glass candleholder?

  • TAG145 18 Dec, 2008

    a floral frog has a round flat base with metal prong coming out of it. it kind of looks like a round metal hair brush...I bought one at an antique store and the owner didn't kknow what it was:).

  • makeamess 1 Dec, 2008

    My parents own a florist I never heard of "floral frog", if I had to guess its the foam "oasis" that soaks up the water that you would push the flowers, candle, etc into to make the arrangement.....

  • makeamess 1 Dec, 2008

    My parents own a florist, however, I never heard of "floral frog". If I had to guess I am thinking its the oasis or foam that soaks up the water that you put in the bowl to push fresh cut flowers into, and the candle gets pushed into this as well.

    but in contexts it sounds like its .

  • weib 28 Nov, 2008

    what is a floral frog?

  • jojo13 19 Dec, 2007

    looks great and very easy too