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Paint Your House Number on a Planter

Martha Stewart Living, September 2010

You don't want your house to look like every other on the block, so why should your house numbers? Skip the obvious offerings at the hardware store in favor of custom-painted numbers on a planter. 


1. Select a font from your computer (or browse online at Enlarge and print the numbers in various sizes to see which works best on your planter. 

2. Using an ink-jet printer and waterproof paper, print the numbers in desired size, on a single sheet if they fit. If using a laser printer, print the numbers on regular paper and trace onto waterproof paper. Make a stencil by cutting out the numbers with a craft knife.

3. If the numbers were printed separately, tape stencils together, spacing numbers about 3/4 inch apart. Use masking tape to adhere stencil to planter. 

4. Choose acrylic paint in a color that stands out from the planter. Use a sponge or a stencil brush to dab paint into stencil. Let dry, and remove stencil. New tall camellia pot, $160,

Comments (14)

  • 2 Feb, 2014

    Painting house numbers on the exterior really do help when others are trying to find a home. Looks like a fun project.

  • 8 Nov, 2011

    Maybe not the best choice for house number, but I live in a small town with a state university. This is a great alternative choice to the flag mounted to the house. I think I'll try it!

  • 28 Mar, 2011

    I have to agree that it is cute but not safe.

  • 28 Mar, 2011

    Still love it so much!!!!

  • 28 Mar, 2011

    NOTE: This wouldn't meet current building code standards in most jurisidictions as your primary house number identification for the reasons some commenters have already noted. It is a nice DECORATIVE touch for your property but use at your own risk!!!

  • 28 Mar, 2011

    pitch dark

  • 28 Mar, 2011

    Very cute as supplemental house I.D. -but as I firefighter medic its not practical. If your beloved needs an ambulance/ fire truck; trying to drive in a quick safe manner searching addresses; on kid or traffic congested streets in snow, rain, sleet, ice storms, blinding sun or pitch dark

  • 28 Mar, 2011

    love this idea!! So much easier to see than the little house numbers people have room for near the door!! Love it!!

  • 28 Mar, 2011

    While this idea is cute, it is not practical. Our local police and Fire
    district would NOT recommend such a placing of your house number
    as in case of an emergency as it would not be helpful in identifying
    your home. House numbers must be large enough to be seen in a
    spot that is easily seen from the street. This "cute" idea should be
    only be used in addition to a properly placed ledgibly done number.
    Safety FIRST. Mykele

  • 1 Jan, 2011

    does anyone know what size font is used to make these numbers?

  • 21 Nov, 2010

    judy, those are more than likely morning glories. i have them every year

  • 21 Nov, 2010

    The plant at either side of the door is called Dutchman's Pipe.

  • 21 Nov, 2010

    What a cute idea! Can't wait to try this

  • 21 Nov, 2010

    Can anyone tell me what plants are growing on either side of the porch? Would love those for our front porch. Thanks judycapistrant@gmail.colm