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Pushpin Holder

Martha Stewart Living, November 2002

To make sure you don't find the pin or tack you need by stepping on it, fasten a vintage soap dish to the bottom of your bulletin board. Look for soap dishes at flea markets and online auctions, and make sure they have holes for mounting with screws. Use the depth of your board's frame to gauge the screw length you will need; then use screws to attach the dish.


Comments (8)

  • scrapyj 3 Aug, 2012

    This is a great idea, will hold so many small things.. thanks

  • SuefromNJ 8 Mar, 2010

    I discovered a lovely vintage porcelain (heavy) soapdish at an antique store

  • shiningdog 8 Mar, 2010

    I have the same idea with williewoman007. now, Add a soap to fasten the pins.
    thanks .

  • Syncere 7 Mar, 2010

    Great Idea I always forget where I put them in my desk

  • williewoman007 7 Mar, 2010

    I like this idea... I will add a bar of soap and push the pins into it.

  • carabau 7 Mar, 2010

    I use an Altoids box for push pins, paper clips, etc and wrap rubber bands around the box, as I always seem to need them.

  • emmasyaya 7 Mar, 2010

    great idea - though for safety's sake, i'll probably put it closer to the top of the bulletin board...

  • FrancesCT 7 Mar, 2010

    To prevent these from falling out, it would be helpful to put some adhesive magnet tape in the bottom of the soap dish. As a teacher I will probably use this idea in the future. Thanks!