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Firewood Carrier




Fashion a compact firewood tote from a 22-by-42-inch piece of canvas, 1/2-inch grommets, and two 30-inch lengths of rope.


  • 22-by-42-inch piece of canvas
  • 1/2-inch grommets
  • Two 30-inch lengths of rope
  • Hammer
  • Block of wood


  1. Step 1


    Stitch a 1 1/2-inch hem on long sides of canvas and a 2-inch hem on short sides. Use a grommet kit, a hammer, and a block of wood to drive two holes through hem on each short side, 4 1/2 inches from corners.

  2. Step 2


    Secure grommets. Slip rope through grommets from finished side of canvas; knot the ends.

Martha Stewart Living, January 2002



Reviews (8)

  • MsTrice 3 Dec, 2012

    The instruction pictures where they are hammering in the grommet holes does not look like the picture of the finished project. Did anyone notice this other than me?? Otherwise this seems to be a simple DIY project to do/ figure out on your own. Thanks.

  • ivoryh1632 26 Nov, 2011

    If anyone wants a pattern for a carrier with more comfortable handles and no grommets go here. Similar concept but better design. Makes 2 out of half a yard of canvas.

  • nblack 18 Dec, 2008

    This looks good for outside in the garden too.

  • nblack 18 Dec, 2008

    This looks good for outside in the garden too.

  • Rotchen 18 Dec, 2008

    easy to add handle by sliding a tube of leather, or some excess material (scrps from a project) or canvas over the rope,,, or using more think rope and doing a series of blanket edge knots along the rope. Agree that a single line of rope is hard to use as handle without also using gloves.

  • mamaid 18 Dec, 2008

    I think I can figure it out, but images that show exact detail would be more helpful. One needs to see exactly what, where, and how. But, I'm making one of these for sure!

  • jamestrusler 18 Dec, 2008

    Great idea - I'll rework this concept to hoist wood up to our 2nd floor bedroom window, as we have a wood stove we use in the winter.

  • owlover 18 Dec, 2008

    I want one with a real handle in the pattern. :^( I could have figured this out myself.