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Scrap-Paper Notebooks




Instead of writing messages on easily lost slips of paper, make notebooks to keep by the phone.


  • Scrap paper
  • Decorative paper
  • Needle threaded with waxed twine


  1. Step 1

    Cut scrap paper and a piece of decorative paper about 1/2 inch larger on all sides for the cover.

  2. Step 2


    Stack with cover on bottom. Fold in half, crease, and open flat. From inside, push a needle threaded with waxed twine through the center of the crease. Bring back through the crease about 1/2 inch from one end.

  3. Step 3

    Pass through the center hole again, and bring up about 1/2 inch from other end of crease. Pass the needle through the center hole to complete a figure 8 of thread. Knot ends together.

Martha Stewart Living, June 2002



Reviews (31)

  • mariekoran 18 Feb, 2010

    Waxed twine and needle not absolutley necesary, use anyt medium you like, many other commenters here seem to have found a way around that.
    You could (sarcasm anyone ?) even throw out the whole recycle/reuse/waste less concept, and said to cover a cheap notebook with scrap paper.

  • inkmeinpink 18 Feb, 2010

    Use artificial Sinew (purchased at any craft store and sometimes walmart). It will last forever.

  • Ipaint 16 Feb, 2010

    There is also another stapler that I use called a "long reach" stapler. You set the depth that you need. It is still flat like a normal stapler but works great for booklets.

  • KayakChickee 16 Feb, 2010

    The stapler you are looking to use is called a "saddle" stapler. Our local office supply store has one that you can "rent". They are a bit pricey to purchase, but last forever. You might even have a "group" who might purchase one together.

  • janchristine 16 Feb, 2010

    floss is designed to fray and break and not thereby damage your gums. As a book thread it will eventually do the same so if you want the book to comment on a disposable world then floss is a good choice. If you want the book to be a reference in future years a better thread is recommended.

  • Birdsboy 16 Feb, 2010

    You could also use Elmer's glue on the crease placing each folded sheet against the glue. Put extra glue on the fold that meets the cover inside.

  • grammyupartlow 16 Feb, 2010

    You can also sew up the middle on your sewing machine.

  • grammyupartlow 16 Feb, 2010

    You can also sew up the middle on your sewing machine.

  • mkreilly 16 Feb, 2010

    Great idea that everyone could use! A great way to reuse paper!

  • beverson 16 Feb, 2010

    I did this with my Sunday school class a while back, using scrapbook paper on the outside. We wrote prayers inside, Bible quotes we liked, that type of thing. I punched little holes to make the sewing easier for them, and we used skinny ribbon. I love the idea of using scrap paper this way though!

  • imrosey 16 Feb, 2010

    You can [filtered word] punch and put in metal rings instead of thread, this way you can use the notebooks over and over again.

  • 3owls 16 Feb, 2010

    During the summer months I did this with computer scrap papers for over 2 dozen Christmas basket fits. Everyone

  • 3owls 16 Feb, 2010

    During the summer months I did this with computer scrap papers for over 2 dozen Christmas basket fits. Everyone

  • nanaclaire 16 Feb, 2010

    OK, but can you re-use the cover so you can make a new one or do you just throw it away? Must be a way. LOL what about punching holes and using yarn to tie it all together. That way you could save the cover and make new ones later when all the paper is used up.

  • newbeginnings89 2 Feb, 2010

    In the instance that you don't have waxed twine on hand, you may be able to substitute it with dental floss. It's more likely to be on hand, and, if it's scented, your notebook will smell minty! :D

  • Freshstartsusie 1 Feb, 2010

    Attach pretty scrapbook paper to the cover of a cheap spiral notebook and write inside.

  • Hollix 1 Feb, 2010

    Larger images would be nice.

  • livinginNH 1 Feb, 2010

    I agree with the "oh brother" if I always have a needle and WAXED twine handy to use in a jiffy!

  • chippy1956 31 Jan, 2010


  • ddshafer 31 Jan, 2010

    oh brother....................

  • EibhlinBean 31 Jan, 2010

    I use the blank back side of my kid's homework to make lists/books, then recycle the pages. This is also a fun craft for kids to do themselves.

  • ayat 31 Jan, 2010

    it's easy,I'll do it :)

  • jenbk 30 Jan, 2010

    I do this, but after I crease it I just sew it on the machine with a heavy duty (denim) needle and cotton thread. Works great.

  • barbaran515 30 Jan, 2010

    you can also keep the pages together with a larger rubber-band around the middle of the folded papers. using a heavier weight cardstock for the cover will keep it rigid.

  • mapes 30 Jan, 2010

    Yeah, but how would you get staples that far into the fold without a special stapler?

  • Evita29 30 Jan, 2010

    I use bull clips, available in several sizes and colors, making it easier to remove pages when no longer needed and holding the papers securely.

  • myfbil 7 May, 2009

    Staples make sense to me... so much quicker!

  • myfbil 7 May, 2009

    staples makes the most sense to me ... so much quicker!

  • falconemomma 25 Apr, 2009

    Use your sewing machine when making a batch of these to have on hand for simple gifts.

  • marydan1973 25 Apr, 2009

    Don't have waxed twine?? Try dental floss!!

  • grizandgrump 25 Apr, 2009

    you can also just put two staples in the crease