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Wooden Doormat

Boards of mahogany and cedar are great for decks -- and doormats, too. This slatted mat is sturdy and lets water drain right through.




  • Handsaw
  • Sixteen 2-by-2s
  • 3/8-inch drill bit
  • Six feet of 1/4-inch sisal


  1. Step 1

    With a handsaw, cut sixteen 2-by-2s, available at lumberyards, to 24 inches long. 

  2. Step 2

    With a 3/8-inch drill bit, make 2 holes in each board, one 6 inches from each end. 

  3. Step 3

    Cut 6 feet of 1/4-inch sisal. Fold rope in half and mark the center point. To make a handle, tie a knot 7 inches in each direction from that point. Thread each end of rope through the holes in the first board and tie another pair of knots. Continue to secure all the boards. Trim excess rope.

Martha Stewart Living, August 2005



Reviews (8)

  • Rebecca Campbell 21 Apr, 2013

    I made this yesterday and it turned out pretty good, just like the picture. 20-25 feet of rope is a good amount to buy for this project. stained with water based walnut color. it was really easy but took more time than I anticipated, about 5 hours total.

  • ChelseaA 27 Oct, 2012

    I made this yesterday and it looks great! I don't know who determined 6ft of rope would work. Or that there would be excess to cut! I ended up using over 20ft of rope. It looks great and once it wears and looks worn, I'll paint the slats.

  • Yankiwi 6 Apr, 2011

    I also used clear tubing between the slats and the slats were just from left over decking timber. I didn't need beautiful wood because I put a piece of outdoor carpet over it.

  • MountainberryButterfly 23 Feb, 2009

    It was nice out today, so I went out and made 2 doormats for my house. I cut the wood 36" long so it would run crossways in front of the door. That would be easier for scraping shoes. I also used Valsask's idea of the rubber tubing. They turned out great! Even my DH, who does carpentry, was impressed. We are now going to make 11 more for Christmas gifts.

  • MountainberryButterfly 8 Feb, 2009

    Fabulous idea! Especially here where we get a lot of red clay mud. Can't wait to make it!

  • Valsask 23 Jan, 2008

    I made myself a wooden doormat out of spruce - it was so easy and useful I made an additional 9 for gifts (incorporated the assembly line at this point) - that was 3 years ago and all mats are still in us. My modification was to replace the knots between the slats with clear plastic tubing, saved on the fingers and the distance between slats are identical. Great project - just one on the many I have tried.

  • noga 24 Nov, 2007

    That's a very creative idea.I love it.

  • ks1 15 Nov, 2007

    I found that the amount of rope recommended was only a third of what I needed. These made excellent gifts. One doormat was made longer to match the width of my door and stained to match the shutters.