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Rolling Towel




Sometimes the best ideas come from the least likely sources. 




  • Sewing kit
  • Two linen hand towels
  • Dowel
  • Porcelain drawer knobs
  • Screwdriver


  1. Step 1

    Simply stitch two linen hand towels together at both ends to form a loop.

  2. Step 2

    Take a half-inch wooden dowel painted in white enamel, and screw porcelain drawer knobs (available in hardware stores) into each end.

  3. Step 3

    Slip the towel loop over the dowel, and hang from wall hooks.

Martha Stewart Living, April 1995



Reviews (23)

  • MaaahAaahm 15 Feb, 2012

    Before reading the instructions for this genius idea (we have a strong-willed, potty-training, two year-old), I assumed this was done with "hook and loop tape" (a/k/a a product that starts with "V" and rhymes with 'bell-toe'!

    My plan is to sew hook-and-loop-tape to the ends of of my towels, being sure to apply the 'male' side of the tape to one end, and the 'female' side of the tape to the other end. That way every towel will always attach to every other towel--and even to itself!

  • Oregonset 3 Apr, 2010

    Linda C, I really like your idea for hanging the clothes I don't dry. (Most of 'em.) By the way, MS addresses your kitchen towel roll in her organization section. Keep smilin', Phyllis

  • LindaBTR 14 Aug, 2008

    This is a great idea! It would be helpful if there was a way to click on the photo to let us zoom in or enlarge it so we could see it a little better. Thanks for all of the great tips!

  • lindacabler 13 Aug, 2008

    I put an expansion bar like (shower curtain bar) INSIDE the shower. Then I hang my clothes that I do not put in the dryer on it to dry. The clothes are hidden and my job is done. Also i hang them on hangers if they are the type that no ironing is needed. When dry they are ready to put in the closet. This is something that can be done all seasons of the year.

  • AudrieWNC 11 Aug, 2008

    I need this more in the kitchen,as i wash my hands frequently, and waste too many paper towels on clean,but wet hands. Audree

  • redguide 11 Aug, 2008

    We had these at home when I was growing up. There were seven of us and we used to have to wash up in a little scullery off the main entrance hall.before we went into the dining room... The towel never ended up on the floor the way it does in my house and there was always a dry spot..... Don';t know why I never thought of this. for us. Thanks for the memories....By the way I remember that the soap we used was all the scraps sewn up in a mesh bag that sort of acted as a scrubber too.

  • lindapbg 11 Aug, 2008

    Great thing for sure if ya have Children, And pets too! I have 2 white dogs and they need there little feet wiped after they come inside. That would be hand at the back door for that too! Thanks.. Sunshine /GA./Peach

  • kelsker 11 Aug, 2008

    Velcro doesn't work well for me in my washer and dryer because it catches all the lint. I'm going to do this by attaching a few FUN themed buttons with buttonholes! One could even make a blind buttonhole if you wanted to just use utilitarian buttons. I love how everyone adds their own ideas here, an we end up creating better products and new ideas for the editors/developers!!!!

  • Angieboyd 11 Aug, 2008

    this is a good idea. Especially when you have alot of people over that way the towel actually dries. Not everyone puts it back on the rack, now they dont have a choice!

  • Anna_Marie 11 Aug, 2008

    I don't know...these always gave me the CREEPS in a gas station restroom! I'll have to pass!

  • moereen 11 Aug, 2008

    Great idea, but be careful if there's small children around My mother told me that when her father was a kid his younger brother was playing hide and seek and actually somehow got tangled up in the towel and was strangled to death. It was a very long time ago but kids haven't changed much.

  • moereen 11 Aug, 2008

    This is a great idea, but be careful if you have small children around, as my mother told me that her father's younger brother actually got strangled when he was playing hide and seek many years ago.

  • lanniev 11 Aug, 2008

    Another way you could do that is to take velcro on each end and loop around any towel rack. When you get ready to wash it just take it off and loop it together. Also you may want to wash it in a pillow case or a linen bag.

  • LMDC 11 Aug, 2008

    That's exactly what I was thinking! lol The velcro would be so much easier and being able to use the hardware you have in place much more convenient and cost effective ;o)

  • metuchenite 11 Aug, 2008

    When my parents bought the house a rod was in the kitchen...and it still is after 50plus years!!!! I use terrycloth towels, which get changed according to season and holidays.

  • chevychick 11 Aug, 2008

    Great Idea sldeester, I like the way you think! I am going to try this with
    some of my left over velcro!

  • lkfordham 11 Aug, 2008

    I remember my Grandma having a towel like this. It was made out of sail cloth and about 4 foot long (8 foot total) I loved it! Thanks for the memory.

  • berniceer 11 Aug, 2008

    Sounds like a great idea for the utility room.

  • TalleySue_Hohlfeld 11 Aug, 2008

    If you use iron-on Velcro, you don't even have to own a sewing machine!

  • lbuser 11 Aug, 2008

    I was thinking the same thing as slodeester. If I use velcro then I could slip this through and existing ring style towel holder and I won't need to try to find a spot to hang another rod. My guest bathroom is very small without much wall space and is used primarily by my small grandchildren. This will keep the towel on the ring and off the floor.

  • Cyndeebee 11 Aug, 2008

    If I made this, I'd put a bright band of ribbon on one hem area. That way you'd have no doubt (when it returned to the ribbon area) about when to toss it into the laundry.

  • nicoleprevo 11 Aug, 2008

    Very clever, especially in a house with young children who can destroy a clean towel in one wipe. I like the velcro idea too because I've already got a coordinating towel rack that I really don't want to replace.

  • slodeester 5 Feb, 2008

    Another thing one might do is stitch the towels together end to end. Next, use velcro on the unstitched ends to hold them together. Instead of using the dowel, slip the whole thing over your own towel rods. The velcro makes it easy to take the towel off and on.