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Beaded Hair Ornaments

Children will love the butterflies and flowers that adorn these hair accessories.




  1. Step 1


    To make flowers: Cut a 12-inch length of 28-gauge nickel wire. Thread 20 size 11 seed beads (available at craft stores) onto middle of wire, then bend wire and twist it one rotation, using flat-nose pliers to isolate the petal. Thread 20 more beads, and twist again. Repeat until you have five petals. Thread one size 6 seed bead onto one of the two remaining ends of wire. Twist petals around bead, and thread wire through petals to secure. Use remaining wire to attach the flower to the curve of a bobby pin. Trim excess wire.

  2. Step 2


    To make butterflies: Using the same technique, create four "wings," making sure two are larger (40 beads instead of 25). For the body, crimp one end of an 8-inch piece of wire with round-nose pliers, and thread on 25 size 11 seed beads. Bend back three or four beads at uncrimped end to make the head, wrapping wire around head between beads to secure, and trim. Attach body to wings by wrapping a separate 5-inch piece of wire around middle of wings. Trim. Attach the butterfly to a bobby pin, using the technique above, or to a headband. For a headband, glue ribbon or seam binding to one end of a metal or plastic headband. Wrap ribbon around the band as shown, overlapping as you go. Add butterfly, twisting excess wire around band; use ribbon to hide wire. Glue ribbon in place at the end.

Martha Stewart Living, April 1999



Reviews (12)

  • dawnannk 21 Feb, 2012

    I'm so disappointed in this site right now. crafts are shown I can't get the directions for ie beaded accessories. and no matter how I save the pictures I can't enlarge them enough to see details. yes,, I need visuals.

  • COLORMEArtSpa 29 Jul, 2011

    Sweet b-day party coming up...dlm

  • hunter972 19 Apr, 2009

    Thank you MrsPowers. That's just what I was wondering how to do!

  • mrspowers 15 Apr, 2009

    To enlarge the picture just right click on the image. Choose "save image" and then download it onto your computer. At the bottom of that page is an icon that looks like a magnifying glass. Click on the one with the sign and it will enlarge the picture.

  • cookiesgalore 15 Apr, 2009

    easy hairdo: Just section 2 sections of hair on each side and one big one in the back. Twist the side hair (in upward direction),fasten in back. then take the back section of hair and twist loosely and secure in back over (covering) the side section pins that are secured there. If you do it all NOT too tightly, it will give a nice tossled natural look. Good luck!!

  • fahn 15 Apr, 2009

    Yeah! I want that hair-do too! Any clues, anyone?

  • odunahoo 14 Apr, 2009

    Me, too, for the hairdo. Does Martha deal with that?

  • Cheryllion 14 Apr, 2009

    I want to know how to do the cute hairdo that goes with it now, too!

  • MommyBrown 4 Dec, 2008

    I bought the Martha Stewart holiday magazine (on newsstands now), and this project is in the magazine, with better pictures. I'm making the flowers on bobby pins for my nieces for Christmas!

  • sandynebony 28 Jun, 2008

    looks adoreable but I have to agree with KristyD about being able to enlarge the pictures to be able to see better. Thanks

  • JaymieR 14 Mar, 2008

    This is such a great craft!!!! It is so simple and very easy to tweak. I have experimented with this to make many different sizes of flowers and butterflies. I have also used this technique to make green clovers for St. Patrick's day. These look elegant and make excellent birthday gifts as well.

  • KristyD 3 Mar, 2008

    Can you please post pictures that can be enlarged when clicked on them? I have wanted to enlarge many of the beautiful pictures that go with your crafts and organization tips.