Gardener's Apron

Martha Stewart Living, May 1999

A thoughtful gift for someone with a green thumb: This linen apron keeps gardening tools close at hand. You'll need raw linen and cotton-twill tape (make sure they're both preshrunk): Cut a linen rectangle about 2 feet long by 18 inches wide -- make the selvage edge one of the longer sides. Lay it flat, with the selvage edge toward you. Fold this edge up 6 inches, and press the crease with a hot iron. Fold hems in the two outside edges, and topstitch in place; then sew seams from the selvage to the fold to form the pockets, reinforcing each seam by backstitching at the selvage edge. We gave our apron five pockets: two 7 inches wide and three 3 inches wide. Center the linen on a 3-foot-long piece of twill tape. Fold the tape in half lengthwise so it wraps over the top of the apron, and press with an iron. Topstitch the tape to the linen near the bottom edge of the tape.


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