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Wallpapered Magazine Holder

Swap the utilitarian look and feel of magazine organizers for something more artful.




  1. Step 1

    Trace the tall back panel of a magazine holder onto cardboard, and cut out.

  2. Step 2

    Using that template as a guide, trace 1 panel for each holder onto a width of decorative wallpaper (floral and geometric prints work best). Cut out.

  3. Step 3

    Squeeze craft glue onto the back of a magazine holder, and spread evenly with a sponge brush.

  4. Step 4


    Align paper with the back panel of the holder, and affix, smoothing out air bubbles as you go. Repeat with remaining paper and holders. File issues chronologically, and arrange the holders on a shelf to re-create the wallpaper's design.

Martha Stewart Living, June 2008



Reviews (27)

  • lulujillie 13 Mar, 2011

    I'm making an enlargeged photo copy of a black and white picture I recently took while hiking in the local mountains. Thanks for the idea!!

  • jeanmr3 12 Jan, 2010

    I think IKEA has nice wooden magazine holders. Check in their online catalog

  • lheck 12 Jan, 2010

    Where do we purchase these magazine holders. I have a huge pile that could use a good home, in my book case.

  • KarlaKadow 10 Jan, 2010

    I bet great 12x12 scrapbook paper would work too!

  • crystlej 10 Jan, 2010

    Wrapping paper works well also.

  • hola_cindy 10 Jan, 2010

    love it!

  • martaszady 27 Aug, 2009

    what a great idea, thank you!

  • cuppa 22 Aug, 2009

    Try using an outdated map instead of wallpaper for a bit more formal look for a library or a study.

  • Heart2Hand2 21 Aug, 2009

    I love this idea! Thanks so much! I now do not have to cover the whole thing but just the back! It will look beautiful in my cherry bookcases!

  • DebbieDurham 21 Aug, 2009

    What a great idea! I just bought a box of small rolls of wall paper at a yard sale. I had planned to cover scrap books and journals with it. I will do this too! Thanks for the suggestion of using cereal boxes!

  • daisybaby 21 Aug, 2009

    You can get magazine holders at your local Office Supply Store, like Staples or Office Max. I think I've also seen them at Target, and maybe Walmart.

  • Tina 21 Aug, 2009

    What a great idea anniew304.

  • nancymcpherson 21 Aug, 2009

    You can purchase the magazine holders at IKEA !!

  • Romany 21 Aug, 2009

    Where is the best place to find the actual holders? I haven't had any luck in the hobby stores.

  • kitkat0708 3 Jun, 2009

    you could also use contact paper.

  • vikingmaiden 28 May, 2009

    I just love this. I have so many magazines that I'm fond of but don't know how to display nicely. I will have to so this.

  • EclecticBianca 26 May, 2009

    Slightly diluted tacky glue works. Also, Mod Podge... plus Mod Podge comes in differrent sheans (Matte, Gloss, etc.) including Sparkle!

  • SAlaska 26 May, 2009

    What sort of glue would you recommend for this project? I don't want my wallpaper to get all wrinkly and ripply! Thanks!

  • mamahrceo 9 Jul, 2008

    My daughers american girl magazines were to large for the cereal boxes. I searched around the house with the magazine in hand trying to think of boxes. It just so happens that the wine box from the fridge was large enough. It holds up very well and the larger magazines fit! can't wait to start decorating them with wall paper.

  • QueenIput 22 Jun, 2008

    Great idea! I have also covered purchased cardboard holders with ordinary wrapping paper and, when covered with plain paper, they are ideal for children/grandchildren to decorate. I just love the "pictures for nanna" on my home office shelf!

  • prissbutt68 21 Jun, 2008

    This was so cool

  • joanlowder 20 Jun, 2008

    I'm getting ready to make one from an old Cereal box.

  • bloppy 20 Jun, 2008

    You can get outdated wallpaper sample books for free at some paint and hardware stores. Each page may only cover 2 holders max but the papers in the books are often coordinated series that compliment each other. Also look in thrift stores for partial or extra rolls that people have donated.

  • Lisabeth75 20 Jun, 2008

    where is a good place to buy small quantities of wall paper?

  • Dorota_Ciszek 19 Jun, 2008

    Easy and wonderful. I love it.

  • ladybugsy 19 Jun, 2008

    This is great! I'm a science teacher with a lot of new and old magazines in my classroom. I'm going to try this out with some nature-themed wallpaper.

  • carrotjuice28 19 Jun, 2008

    perfect, now i can buy the ugly, low cost ones and make them so much better.