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Carnation Mobile Centerpiece and Napkin Ring


Here's a romantic centerpiece that takes no table space: a carnation mobile with matching floral napkin rings.


  • Upholstery needle
  • Waxed twine
  • 5 dozen carnations
  • Scissors
  • Nine-inch embroidery hoop
  • 12 inch embroidery hoop
  • Glue
  • Removable self-adhesive hook


  1. Step 1

    Snip about 5 dozen of the inexpensive blooms at the base.

  2. Step 2

    Single-thread an upholstery needle with waxed twine, and pull it through the flower from the top to the base; knot the end. Repeat, leaving space between carnations (you don't have to knot the twine again). Make 8 carnation ropes of different lengths.

  3. Step 3

    Hang 4 from a 9-inch embroidery hoop, and 4 from a 12-inch one. Tie 4 lengths of twine to each hoop for hanging. Glue ribbon around each hoop.

  4. Step 4

    Attach to the ceiling with a removable self-adhesive hook.

  5. Step 5

    Repeat threading process, securing a carnation to each end of a length of waxed twine, and then knot. The flowers will stay fresh for several hours and retain their color and shape as they dry.

Martha Stewart Living, February 2007

Reviews (11)

  • BirdCrafts 9 Feb, 2010

    You can always use fake or paper flowers! :)

  • shimmysister 8 Feb, 2010

    Plus - if you buy mini carnations you can get several blooms on a stem!!!

  • shimmysister 8 Feb, 2010

    How about silk flowers??

  • carabau 8 Feb, 2010

    The only reason to hang flowers upside down would be to dry them. Otherwise fresh flowers are to be appreciated. ( It's even difficult for me to cut them from their stem to bring them inside!)

  • carabau 8 Feb, 2010


  • geekygrandma 8 Feb, 2010

    I agree with basketpam and the other folks who posted comments - such a waste of beautiful flowers and the money to buy them -- better to put stems and all in a nice, tall vase and enjoy them for days instead of having them die off in a few hours. However, perhaps using artificial/silk or paper flowers instead would give the same effect if you wanted to make the mobile.

  • basketpam 8 Feb, 2010

    I'm not crazy about this one. Especially the mobile it seems like a waste of a lot of good flowers. The napkins rings are just OK. They sort of look like an afterthought, as if they needed to do something with leftover flowers.

  • Susann2 8 Feb, 2010

    I was appalled by he notion of whacking otherwise lovely blooms...the traditional vase is nicer and far simpler.

  • Caelia 8 Feb, 2010

    It's not the most beautiful but it's not that bad and I can think of a dozen different little things you could do to make it really amazing.

  • knees2thearth 8 Feb, 2010

    I agree. It is not nice.

  • Anna_Marie 8 Feb, 2010

    I'm sorry, but I think that centerpiece is really unattractive.