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Framed Bulletin Board




A hardworking bulletin board is, quite literally, pretty as a picture when covered with cheerful fabric, then placed in a frame and hung from a wide ribbon. The frame is painted to complement the fabric, which makes a perfect background for favorite photographs and letters, along with the more prosaic matters of life such as the phone bill and the grocery list.


  • 3/4-inch-thick Homasote fiberboard
  • Fabric
  • Staple gun
  • D-rings
  • Ribbon


  1. Step 1

    Have a lumber yard cut 3/4-inch-thick Homasote fiberboard to fit a large frame, new or from a tag sale.

  2. Step 2

    Cut a piece of fabric 2 inches larger all around; place facedown on work surface. Center fiberboard over fabric. Wrap one side of fabric to the back.

  3. Step 3

    Using a staple gun, attach fabric to board, beginning with one staple in the middle of the side, 1 1/2 inches in from the edge. Wrap fabric over opposite side, and secure to board with a staple directly opposite the first. Repeat with other two sides.

  4. Step 4

    Continue stapling fabric, working out toward the corners, always adding staples in pairs on opposite sides of the board, ensuring fabric stretches evenly.

  5. Step 5

    Place board in frame; secure in place with angle brackets at each corner.

  6. Step 6

    Attach D-rings to back of top corners of the frame. Loop ribbon through D-rings, and hang.

Martha Stewart Living, June 1998



Reviews (21)

  • WinifredRock 26 Jul, 2014

    Could not find the "soundboard" anywhere. Even called Lowe's and Home Depot, and they had never heard of it. I got poster board and a four pack of square cork wall tiles. Cut the poster bard to size, cut the cork wall tiles to fit, then I attached the cork to the poster board with a multi-purpose adhesive spay (I used Scotch Super 77 you can get it at Joanne's Fabric or Hobby Lobby). Then I followed rest of directions. Looks great!

  • lovetocraft26 21 Apr, 2010

    This is a great tutorial, especially the part about the D rings as I've often had trouble securing my board into place.
    However, if you don't have the time and energy to make your own organizer, this website has some really unique and adorable fabric covered bulletin boards for sale-

  • cgl8 23 Jan, 2009

    Just be careful once you get your homasote - or soundboard - i left it in my garage before doing the project and it was damp. The board soaked in some dampness, warped and became quite stinky. Keep it in a dry spot!

  • arlenez 19 Jan, 2009

    In the Austin, Tx area, McCoy's carries Homasote fiberboard.

  • bikiniwithmartini 15 Nov, 2008

    ooh nevermind me...i just read Gotart's comment about using soundboard as a replacement for homasote.

  • bikiniwithmartini 15 Nov, 2008

    Could a coarkboard type of material work with this project ?

  • hmjm 17 Oct, 2008

    What is a substitue for "homasote"? I would like to buy something at a craft store or a regular home store (i.e. HomeDepot, etc.)

  • sherriwilliamson 16 Jun, 2008

    Go to the website They will provide you with a distributor in your area

  • karmatoyou 31 May, 2008

    Homasote is earth friendly fiber board. According to wikipedia:Homasote is a type of wallboard made from recycled paper that is compressed under high temperature and pressure and held together with a glue. Holy Cow Martha, can't you speak so we can understand. We know you're smart, but come on already!

  • lavendercraft 4 May, 2008

    Hi. I just want 2 say 2 all of u not finding Homesote: I live in Australia, I have no clue what is it, or a Home Depot or Lowes. But in Oz we crafters have a tendency to be resourceful and make one's idea our own. Now that I got the gist of it, I'll go 2 Spotlight, my local craft craft shop, and interrogate someone until I find my solution.

  • Anna_Marie 3 May, 2008

    The Lowes and Home Depot in Tulsa will cut materials for you...I think the first 2 or 3 cuts are free, then there is a small charge for each cut after that.

  • gotart 3 May, 2008

    Went to my local Home Depot and asked for homosote board and they didn't have a clue what I was talking about until I described it to them. They replied with "oh, you mean sound board". Yep, that was it! I purchased a really large sheet *unfinished* for under $9. I can make several boards from this sheet!!

  • redguide 3 May, 2008

    I did something like this a few years ago for my costume jewellery pins. I use quite an ornate frame that was so cheap from a junk dealer, I painted it gold and antiqued it and framed some black velvet [ covering some styrofoam] all my pins are on it and it looks really funky hanging on the inside door of my very organised [thanks to MArtha] pick the jacket, blouse, pants or skirt, pin and necklace [on hook] and away you go

  • 123ragamuffin 2 May, 2008

    Homasote is produced in Trenton, NJ. When I saw so few people know what it is I enetered Homasote ,com in my search engine and the web page came up. There is a tab for art and craft info. I clicked it and a list of resources for finding the Homasote boards came up. This product has been made from recycled paper for more years than I have been alive (65). VERY GREEN.

  • craftykris 2 May, 2008

    would it be ok to maybe use cork board from Lowes or Menards? Just cut it to be thick or layer them to the thickness of the frame, that sounds like it may be easier! Hardware stores just don't "cut a piece of wood when you need it"

  • SisterSnow 2 May, 2008

    When I go to Home Depot and ask for Homasote they look at me like I'm crazy. They have never heard of the stuff. Is it called something else? Is it something that is only available in a few regions of the country? Martha talks about it like it is readily available. It doesn't seem to be.

  • brandihawkins 2 May, 2008

    This would be great for a babies room! I plan on making one for myself and a friend. I would assume you can use just an ordinary cork board and remove the frame and replace it with a nicer looking one. I am all about short cuts.

  • ColorsOutsideLines 2 May, 2008

    I liked this idea and the variation that sharonmanis suggested. I have never really had a lot of time to explore doing anything with crafts, so this is new to me and I appreciate having this resource. Maybe there should be an "advanced" craft section for those with a lot of experience who are bored with this section.

  • 93720cook 2 May, 2008

    Does one find Homasote fiberboard at Home Depot or Lowe's or a specialty store?

  • sharonmanis 2 May, 2008

    I did this with peg board in my sewing room. I used wood trim boards peg board and wood glue it works great kinda looks like the notions wall at the fabric store I made different sizes to fit the seation of wall I was putting it on.
    Oh and to winterbeach "lighten up"

  • winterbeach 2 May, 2008

    Lame, fussy, dust catcher. Where are all the great Martha crafts she used to do in Good Things? Lately all the crafts of the day are things that have been worked over before and, in my humble opinion, quite lacking in originality, quality and that Martha spark.