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Decoupaged Boxes




With their lids painted and papered with decorative prints, these wooden boxes recall the traditional craft of decoupage.


  • Unfinished wooden box
  • Pearlized paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Silver paper
  • Utility knife
  • Martha Stewart Crafts decoupage
  • Fine sandpaper


  1. Step 1


    Sand the box with fine sandpaper, then give it two thin coats of paint. To create a decoupage effect on the lid, photocopy images from books or prints onto silver paper (you can reduce or enlarge a picture to the size you desire). Cut out the image with a utility knife, and when the paint is dry, glue the picture to the top of the box. A botanical print or an animal image makes the perfect embellishment.

  2. Step 2

    To give the box a more finished look, cut a ribbon of silver paper to cover the edge of the lid. Make a hole in the ribbon for the wood-joining stud that's on the lid by pressing the paper against the stud with an eraser to make an impression you can cut out. Glue the paper ribbon around the lid edge, making sure to align the hole in the ribbon with the stud. Tuck a gift inside, or give the lustrous box as a gift itself, tied with a beautiful ribbon.

Martha Stewart Living, December/January 1998/1999



Reviews (40)

  • monetgardening 23 Jan, 2011

    And that my dear MrsPi is decoupage!!

  • monetgardening 23 Jan, 2011

    Dear Sonrisas,

    I have done decoupage and yes it may be done on cardboard, just be certain to let the glue dry well between applications. Have fun.

  • dramatoad 22 Jan, 2011

    cont. using thinner paper makes it easier. And make sure you get out all the air bubbles from under the paper.

  • dramatoad 22 Jan, 2011

    I think she means silver "colored" paper, like you would buy for scrapbooks. I would not use a cardboard box, I'm not sure it would stand up to all the layers of glue and paint, but you could certainly do a test. I've always painted or stained the wood, sanded, then put on the decorative paper designs, then put as many coats of decoupage (white glue really, watered down a bit) glue as it took so you can't feel the edges of the paper. Let each coat dry before you put the next coat. Using thinner

  • sonrisas 22 Jan, 2011

    Would you kindly explain what do you mean by "silver paper"? I'm not American. May these boxes be done on cardboard boxes also? Thanks for your kind response.

  • Sheryll 1 Jan, 2011

    If you can do this, you will be able to move on to revamping, veneer funriture. Some changes of course, to do side tables and such, but such a worthy craft. You will love the results. I used the Original Kiltz to coat my junk veneer, yeah, no joke, use that fine sponge type roller to paint (buy several). Then paint your color (one coat only is needed).... then pad the drawers and decoupage the top.

  • Crischirmer 3 Aug, 2010

    These boxes are lovely. Thanks for sharing them.

  • BEARSJUSTB-CLAWS 31 May, 2010

    These boxes would make wonderful "gift boxes" with little treasures inside, like a miniature teddy bear. Thank you for sharing. Can be used for each season.

  • SarahjWilson 30 May, 2010

    I love these boxes, thank you for sharing them.

  • QueenKatherine 30 May, 2010

    NancyLovett - You can find these little wood boxes at craft stores like Hobby Lobby and Michaels. I've also seen them at WalMart. They aren't much different than the papier mache boxes - which can definitely be used with this project as well. :)

  • QueenKatherine 30 May, 2010

    rossmoor - You can coat the image with either matte medium or white glue mixed with water. A coat or two of that and your image will be protected. HTH! :)

  • Justmekathie 26 Sep, 2008

    rossmoor - If you're using a rubberstamp...use Stazon ink. It's permanent and once it's dry it won't come off on your hands. Hope this helps. I sell if if you're interested.

  • dianetavegia 26 Sep, 2008

    Inexpensive silver wrapping paper works better. Just cut out the design. This can also be done on those paper boxes for less money.

  • Roxanne629 5 May, 2008

    I have done this before, but not with a photocopy on silver paper. I've found a treasure trove of images in old wallpaper books and those that are pre-pasted are a bonus!!

  • rossmoor 10 Apr, 2008

    I was excited to complete this project. I let the image printed on silver paper dry overnight and when I Ibegan cutting (not good with the knife) the colors came out all over my hands. How can I get the image to stay on the paper?

  • Velvetbe 8 Apr, 2008

    Michael's craft stores

  • NancyLovett 6 Apr, 2008

    The only boxes I can find are papier mache. Is there an on-line site where the wooden ones can be ordered? I plan to make them as favors for attendees at a district music conference and put musical pictures on the outside and line the inside with some kind of fabric - don't know which, yet.

  • Dadinha 5 Apr, 2008

    Please tell us about the type of silver paper suitable for potocopying. thank you

  • Inguanti 4 Apr, 2008

    So elegant!!!! I love the idea of photocopying images from books or prints on silver paper. I'll make them. Thanks

  • Layona 3 Apr, 2008

    Itn n n n s a Woderfull idea... But this isnn n n n t decoupage...And I think It could be great some more pictures about how to do it and how to print in silver paper.


  • carpets1234 3 Apr, 2008

    would it be possible to get a more detailed explanation on how to make this craft? For example, how do you 'photocopy images from books or prints onto silverpapar'. How do you do this?

  • carpets1234 3 Apr, 2008

    would it be possible to get a more detailed explanation on how to make this craft? For example, how do you 'photocopy images from books or prints onto silverpapar'. How do you do this?

  • ovestobake 3 Apr, 2008

    There really aren't many instructions. That's sad, they're lacking a great lot in any detail.

  • elizabetty 2 Apr, 2008


  • carylec 2 Apr, 2008

    I love all the crafts you show, but I am not the best crafter. I have to see everything being done step by step. I know others feel the same way. Isn't there some way you could show us? I don't think it would up that much room.
    Thank you.
    Caryle Cirello

  • meemaollie 2 Apr, 2008

    my instruction has part missing the 1st words are utility knife and white craft glue??

  • dorisfranziska 2 Apr, 2008

    I would like to see more pictues to illustrate what needs to be done.

  • jennypoosuzyq 2 Apr, 2008

    superme-if you click on the print button you can see all of the instructions

  • NancyLovett 2 Apr, 2008

    MrsPi - So get out your modge podge. Big deal. I think the article says "recall" - not "do".
    Boxes always make wonderful gifts. This is another way to make a masterpiece that says "Love".

  • superme 2 Apr, 2008

    I really wanted to see how to do th ese decoupage boxes, but there is something wrong with the site. There was some kind of display over top of the instructions. I have found this kind of thing several times with this site. Is there something that can be done?

  • Carolinneworleans 2 Apr, 2008

    When I use flowers in decoupage, I always choose pictures where the flowers are back lighted.It makes a HUGE difference.

  • niecedefusco 2 Apr, 2008

    I can't ait to try this. It is a beautiful idea and the end resuls look fantastic. a great added gift or given alone to someone special. only on MARTHA STEWART!!!!

  • minnie 2 Apr, 2008

    This would make a wonderful Mother's Day gift! Thank you for the easy instructions.

  • minnie 2 Apr, 2008

    This would make a wonderful Mother's Day gift! Thank you for the easy instructions.

  • k2l555 2 Apr, 2008

    Pictures can be found at

  • k2l555 2 Apr, 2008

    I used oval boxes like these as wedding favors for my daughter. I painted and trimmed the boxes in her colors, did the ribbon trim in a contrasting color, and used an image that I'd found on line of a bunch of tulips with an attached gift card, where I inserted the names and wedding date. I took the boxes to a local candy shoppe and they filled them with homemade chocoloates. They were a lovely table decoration plus a useful keepsake. (I have spare buttons in mine.) Labor intensive but worth it!

  • Francien 2 Apr, 2008

    Thank you for the instruction for the boxes... they look lovely and a good idee to gibe them as a little present..I always upload the pictures to my doc..en enlarge them in word..paint etc....Greetings Francien

  • crwaia 2 Apr, 2008

    This comment is regarding many of the craft projects on the website-- There are times when I just want a larger image. Hey webmasters! Is there a way to provide links to larger image pop-ups, or even a pan and enlarge feature? Thank you, in advance...

  • MrsPi 2 Apr, 2008

    This isn't decoupage - where is the modge-podge? This is just gluing a picture to a box.

  • Anna_Marie 2 Apr, 2008

    What a timely idea! I was just gathering and sorting some pictures for decoupage, yesterday. Good to have the directions right at my fingertips.