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Stain Cover-Up


To salvage a shirt with an ink stain on the pocket seam, try creative camouflage. Stitch bias tape around the seam: The stain will disappear and the shirt will have an instant new look. Cut single-fold bias tape 1/2 inch longer than three pocket sides (excluding top). Pin tape over one side, make a diagonal fold at the corner, and iron. Continue around seam, ironing next corner. Pin top edges under, and topstitch around edges.

Martha Stewart Living, February 2004

Reviews (2)

  • klostelm 13 Sep, 2011

    It would be a great improvemenet to your website, Martha, if you could offer magnified views of your photos.
    Some of us would benefit from seeing all the up-close and personal details of your great ideas! THANKS so much.

  • Bratlet 20 Aug, 2011

    You can also try spraying the shirt with hair spray just before you launder it (spray a lot of it on the ink spot ) and then toss it in the washer and usually it comes out. But if you have already washed it and put it in the DRYER then it may not work. But with kids going back to school just try to remember this for your little ones clothes when a pen mark gets on their clothes. Good luck, Pat