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Jewelry Palette

Martha Stewart Living, March 2010

Ceramic watercolor palettes provide perfect slots for sorting and separating earrings and other jewelry -- with no tangles. 

Available at art-supply stores (, they make delightful displays on dressers when filled with colorful gems. They're also small enough to tuck in a drawer.

Comments (22)

  • goodgollymissmolly 28 Oct, 2010

    I searched the site given and couldn't find any pallette that looked like this one. :(

  • Hollyberryelf1 18 Oct, 2010

    My mother used empty egg cartons she washed out - white styrofoam ones worked best for her, easy to replace when she wanted to and easy to tear to a smaller size when she moved her jewelry to the nightstand.

  • Chuchichaeschtli 18 Oct, 2010

    Does anybody know where such semi-precious stone drop-earrings (like the green one or the red ones!) can be bought? I've been looking for them in vain.
    Please advise! Thank you in advance!

  • Sharon Carbine 17 Oct, 2010

    I love this idea. I store a lot of earrings in clear plastic, divided boxes. However, I have been keeping the earrings that I wear all the time in tiny colorful dishes. This idea is even better, especially due to the white color.

  • All_Hail_The_Martha 17 Oct, 2010

    I always look for earrings like that from local artists, at festivals and local shops and galleries. But Macy's sometimes has some cool earrings too. I prefer to buy from the artist, though, to support their business.

  • All_Hail_The_Martha 17 Oct, 2010

    I took vintage frames, took the glass out, and put black velvet and a foam cushion where the pictures would be. The post earrings stick in like a pincushion. Then, I took a long piece of black velvet, hung it on the wall, and used decorative tacks to create areas to hang necklaces, bracelets, and rings. There was another matching frame with a criss-cross plastic piece in it. I used the black velvet for a background and hang dangly earrings on the plastic grid.

  • carolinamaple725 25 Apr, 2010

    I use bead organizer boxes found at craft stores like Michaels and Hobby Lobby to organize my earrings. They are usually clear and come with a lid for easy stacking. You could also use these for necklaces.

  • Chuchichaeschtli 12 Apr, 2010

    Ohhh...I LOVE the earrings!
    Does anyone have an idea where you can get such earrings (semiprecious stones!)?

  • maxandlucky7 3 Apr, 2010

    The brand I buy is Eggland's Best. Their website is

  • SwwtSue 2 Apr, 2010

    Where do you find clear plastic cartons that eggs come in? They only have formed cardboard ones where I live--that I can find anyway.

  • maxandlucky7 2 Apr, 2010

    I have been using the clear plastic cartons that eggs come in for my jewelry with the added bonus of keeping them out of the land fills. Also, they easily stack to hold lots of jewelry.

  • RivkaS7 1 Apr, 2010

    I have two mug racks I painted white and use for necklaces.

  • saadianajam 1 Apr, 2010

    At times chocolate containers also have divisions in them. The empty ones can also be used.

  • adgirl007 1 Apr, 2010

    For necklaces, try a bulletin board with push pins. I've been doing this for years and it works very well.
    You could probably get all fancy and cover the board with pretty fabric or paper and ribbons but I find a basic bulletin board works just fine.

  • cooknn 1 Apr, 2010

    Egg cartons work great and they're free with the eggs. I use the 18 size.

  • cpsd 1 Apr, 2010

    It didn't paste the whole link. It's the "Tie

  • cpsd 1 Apr, 2010

    rtcwoman - The best necklace holder is a tie rack that you screw into the wall! Then they hang nicely and don't get tangled! You can get them at the container store...this is the one I use:

  • cmasonb 1 Apr, 2010

    I use a jewelry canvas bag with pockets(almost like the shoe bag) that hangs in the closet. On one side I put my necklace, the other earrings. I also have a small jewelry box for jewelry I wear almost regularly.

  • rtcwoman 1 Apr, 2010

    I, too, use ice cube trays! 25 cents at Goodwill. I am still wondering what to do with the necklaces though....any ideas?

  • megreer55 1 Apr, 2010

    I use plastic ice trays-the fit into a three plastic storage container, 2 to a drawer. Easy to get to and easy to see-have on a shelf in closet.

  • amybdesigns 1 Apr, 2010

    Nice collection of Ted Muehling jewelry!

  • Houseblessings 1 Apr, 2010

    I've used ice cube trays for this for years. They're inexpensive and they stack nicely in a shallow top drawar. I also sort my costumne and semi-precious jewelry by color in small clear zip bags. This makes choosing pieces a snap; just grab the bag that matches my outfit.