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Papier-Mache Decorations: Chandelier Shades and Party Favors




  • Small balloons
  • Tissue paper, in orange, yellow, and black
  • Pencil
  • Utility knife
  • Wheat paste
  • Candy and small toys (optional)


  1. Step 1


    Cover balloons with one layer of orange tissue paper and one layer of yellow. Trace silhouettes onto black tissue paper, and cut out each of the shapes with a utility knife. Affix the silhouettes to spheres with wheat paste.

  2. Step 2


    When the paste is dry, pop and remove balloons and enlarge knot holes. For party favors, fill pumpkins with candy and toys; paste a circle of orange tissue paper over the hole. For chandelier shades, slip the spheres over bulbs. Do not use bulbs of higher than 40 watts.

Martha Stewart Living, October 2001



Reviews (7)

  • kresta 26 Jul, 2012

    Made these with my 9 year old....We glued them on top of LED lights, looked great (can make as big as you want)!

  • scottaustin 25 Sep, 2010

    I think that the Sharpie will "bleed" and make a mess on your tissue paper pumpkins. use construction paper instead - it is easier to cut and won't let light shine through like black tissue paper. Plus you can use glue dots (scrap booking supply)

  • melliemoo 24 Sep, 2010

    Just curious... has anyone successfully tried using a black sharpie to create designs on the top tissue paper layer instead of cutting out and gluing black tissue paper onto the pumpkin?

  • jadewik 26 Mar, 2009

    I'm planning to do a variation of these treat balls for Halloween 2009-- our theme is Pirates. It was actually my husband's idea to turn this craft into "bombs". I haven't tried anything yet, but the idea is to put corks in the knot holes. For a fuse, we'll use either pipe cleaner, yarn, or string.

  • AuntLoLo 6 Sep, 2008

    I'm so happy to find that these are STILL here! I made these for my music students 8 years ago, and never had time after that. This is the year - pumpkins for everyone! (They were a HUGE hit with my high-school aged students, but make sure you put fairly sturdy candy inside - the girls couldn't bear to break their pumpkins open!)

  • Ldybugsrus 12 Aug, 2008

    I think i'm going to try putting candy in the balloon before blowing it up then do the paper mache' then I wont have to make a huge [filtered word]. and cover it with a circle of tissue paper.

  • RubyEdge 10 Aug, 2008

    You could also make these as covers for light strings as finding small orange paper lanterns can be difficult.