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Sundae Best




Celebrate summer with a colorful sundae party, setting out toppings in fortune-tellers, those folded-paper staples of childhood.

Fortune-Teller How-To
1. Place a 12-inch square of parchment or glassine on a face-down piece of patterned paper that's the same size. Fold in half diagonally, and unfold. Fold on the other diagonal, and unfold.
2. Fold in each corner to the center point, forming a smaller square.
3. Turn paper over, and fold in all corners so they meet, forming an even smaller square.
4. Fold square in half horizontally to form a rectangle; crease, and unfold so you are back at the square. Fold in half vertically; crease, and unfold.
5. Turn square over, and slip one finger under each flap. Press your fingers -- and the points of the fortune-teller -- together to form pockets. Place point side down, turn down flap of each pocket, and fill with desired sundae toppings.

Download the Illustrated How-To

Martha Stewart Living, August 2007



Reviews (12)

  • JMum 24 Jul, 2011

    I just made these with heavy 12x12 cardstock and 15x15 poster board. I would not want them any smaller.
    **I liked seeing my paper design on top, so I folded the paper with the design side face up.
    **I added glue dots under the outside corners. This helped it stay up better.
    **If you don't have enough toppings to fill 12 holes, just pour the same kind in more than one [filtered word].
    These were a big hit at my party!!

  • MaryM1208 23 Jun, 2011

    To add stability, maybe place it over a small votive holder. Just a thought.

  • lbuser 26 Aug, 2010

    This would be a great way to give each child his/her own fixin's at a party. Definitely something sturdier would be needed, like construction paper or a light weight card stock, then cut a little smaller such as 8 x 8. Kids have a way of "diggin in" that would collapse the display but if they each have their own then it wouldn't matter and no fighting over who got more. This will be a great addition to Labor Day festivities.

  • jenine482 29 Jul, 2010

    It was simple to make, brought back some fun childhood memories. They looked really pretty but they were very unstable and feel over a few times. I would try it again but would suggest taping down eat point very well. It was also a little hard to fill, a 2nd set of hands was needed. Nice idea though, people though they were really cool.

  • kimmclaughlin 2 Jul, 2010

    Fantastic! I always appreciate these columns and this is another wonderful idea.
    Keep 'em coming Martha, you are the best!

  • geekygrandma 12 Aug, 2009

    Good grief - am I the only one here who remembers thee as "cootie catchers"? We used to use a pencil to make little dots on half of the inside and then pretend to "catch" cooties from someone's head by starting out with the clean side and then flipping over to the cootie side after picking at their hair! Gross - yes, but we did use them as fortune tellers also! And a couple more folds and you've got a ship!

  • Beroka 12 Aug, 2009

    Eu adorei a sua idn n n n ia, costumava brincar muito com essa dobradura, com meu filho! Parabn n n n ns

  • cookiesgalore 12 Aug, 2009

    we had these as kids, but instead of fortunes, there was a question written inside, with the answer under the flap (upside down). If we got the question right, we'd get some little prize. It was sooo much fun and the questions were educational, but always easy anyway.

  • Katjewave 12 Aug, 2009

    If you have small kids, this would be a great idea for sorting. Imagine buttons, types of cereal, beads... I'm going to use this in my classroom!

  • orthoberta 12 Aug, 2009

    I LOVE this idea!!! I can't wait to try this at the next party.

  • katiskupcakes 12 Aug, 2009

    this would even be great for adults and you can have it outdoors and hire an actual fortune teller. we had one at my husbands fourty-ith birthday bash and everyone loved it.

  • fredalee 12 Aug, 2009

    I'm going to use this idea at my next barbecue - only make them larger and with parchment paper, or something similar, to hold all the "fixins". No dishes to wash!!!Can't wait to try it out.