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Natural Plant Markers

Martha Stewart Living, May 2007

Unsightly sticks and flags look like trespassers in your herbs. Instead, make tags that appear as though they belong in your landscape. Find several flat, smooth stones, and label each one with the name of a plant using alphabet stamps and dye-based (permanent) ink, both available at crafts stores. Then nestle each stone near its corresponding plant.

Comments (15)

  • leahann 5 Jul, 2010

    To further secure the rocks in their proper place they could be secured to a large nail with waterproof glue or epoxy and pushed into the ground. I have free-range chickens that could displace loose rocks. But a great idea!

  • Niconomicon 22 Apr, 2010

    I love this idea. It makes a garden look so much more natural.

  • surely-m 21 Apr, 2010

    What a great idea! But I wonder if it would work to use a stencil and a Dremel Tool, or perhaps an engraving pen, to create reusable, even more permanent, stone garden markers? I bet a Dremel Tool would work! They've got to make masonry tips suitable for such a project. They seem to make everything else! Can't wait to try it!!!

  • medalynn 21 Apr, 2010

    Markal makes a Dura-Ink marker that holds up the sun and weather. I used them last year on garden markers and they did not fade. They are available on line at Black Industrial Supply Corp. in Hammond, IN. They also have the best price for these markers which come in various colors.

  • gardenarian 21 Apr, 2010

    Very cute! I've been using chopsticks for markers, but these will look much nicer!

  • rock63roll64 21 Apr, 2010


  • dmte 21 Apr, 2010

    I love this idea! I will definately create some markers for my plants. It would even be a great idea to include the markers when giving herbs or flowers as gifts. I can't wait to create!

  • cwoodard 21 Apr, 2010

    This is one of the best garden ideas. I created these years ago when they were published in MSL.I use them in all my flower beds marking the perennials. If something does not come up in the spring or if I want to move things around I know what is there. Besides...who can remember all the names of the plants when you purchase them for their looks! I used permanent marker and sealed them but had to redo after the second year.

  • BriarcliffIW 21 Apr, 2010

    Re: Hayseed
    You can spray on a sealant to make them more fade resistant. Krylon sells them in shiny finish and satin finish.

  • mdesigns 21 May, 2009

    Excellent idea! I'm going to make these today!

  • mdesigns 21 May, 2009

    Excellent idea! I'm going to make some of these today, using black glossy enamel for the lettering.

  • Hayseed 11 Sep, 2008

    Perm markers fade too quickly. I use epoxy paint pens (craft/hobby stores). White on slate works well. Try to keep out of sun to last longer...

  • smojoe 28 Aug, 2008

    This weekend I am planning on doing this project but instead of using the rocks as identifing plant markers, I am going to stamp our last name on a rock, then our initials on additional rocks to accent our garden wall.

  • jlt4kidz 10 Jun, 2008

    Make sure to clean the stones before you stamp the stones

  • firefly7463 9 Jun, 2008

    This is so cool and easy! What a great to identify all of my native plants in my woodland garden!
    I'm hoping that the ink holds up in the weather.