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Slip-Proof the Back Steps




  • Bag of fine sand (can be purchased at a crafts of hardware store)
  • 1 can plain paint
  • Painter's tape
  • Bucket
  • Mixing stick


  1. Step 1

    Paint stairs completely with a coat of plain paint, then let dry.

  2. Step 2

    Use painters tape to outline 2-3 stripes running the length of each step.

  3. Step 3

    In a bucket, mix 2 cups paint with 3/4-cup sand. Paint stripes with sand paint, keeping paint well stirred as you work.

  4. Step 4

    Let sand paint dry completely before removing the tape. Finish with another coat of plain paint.

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Reviews (5)

  • sbh85 22 May, 2013

    For those of us who live in a northern climate.......this does need to be redone every couple of years. It doesn't hold up through our winter weather. But when it's fresh, it does work. well to keep the steps or (in our case) a ramp from being slippery.

  • Beth50 24 May, 2011

    We have the gray paint on our porch, it's from Sherwin Williams and is a standard exterior floor paint. I think the second step looks like two stripes. We'll certainly be completing this project as soon as the weather permits. Great safety idea!

  • Karen2846 24 May, 2011

    Can you use a varnish to mix with the sand? My steps are Mexican tiled, so don't want to cover them up with paint.

  • JoniBeigh 24 May, 2011

    I'm assuming the sand would be close to the edge of the treads? It looks like the photo has the sand in back. Comments, anyone?

    Also, I'm wondering how the sand affects wear and tear.

  • RhondaCanada 12 Jul, 2009

    Hello: Can you tell me the colour of the gray porch step paint? it is beautiful, RhondaCanada