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Photo Directions




"Turn right at the blue house" may seem perfectly clear to you, but what if your guest sees the color as green, or is distracted by the pink mailbox on the other side of the street? Augmenting your written instructions with photographs will take care of any confusion.


  • Camera
  • Printer
  • Paper


  1. Step 1

    Start by determining a few key landmarks along the route, as well as the tricky twists and turns where someone might go astray. Then take a drive and photograph those locations.

  2. Step 2

    Make a set of instructions by affixing the photos sequentially to a long strip of paper, with the directions as captions below.

  3. Step 3

    Color copy the original as many times as you need. Then fold the strips, accordion-style.

Martha Stewart Living, November 1999



Reviews (8)

  • loisfolla 12 Jun, 2010

    Cool idea, I sorry to say I've gotten ladies coming over my home for a cards class, lost because I wrote make a right turn instead of a left.. so far thank goodness the few I've done this too, had a good sense of humor! LOL

  • Rinchen 12 Jun, 2010

    There is also a website which is vpike dot com. You can input an address and see exactly what the house/street looks like.

  • bubbiefour 12 Jun, 2010

    great idea. I live in a rural area and Mapquest always gives directions to the next town with the same street name. I wish I had seen this last week as we are having a huge party tomorrow and I emailed directions and a map. Next time tho, I will use this.

  • lindalalonde 12 Jun, 2010

    You can also email the photos and directions - if your guest knows how to get to your community but not your street, they only need to print out that part. Unless, of course, it's a man - then you print the part he says he knows!!

    This would also be great to give the kids to let them find the way - even if the driver knows how to get there. If they had a landmark to identify every 5 minutes, it would keep them busy. You could even add personal or historical info about the landmarks.

  • lanica 12 Jun, 2010

    Better than Map Quest! Superb idea!

  • justbeingme 12 Jun, 2010

    Totally awesome idea! Thanks!

  • Allindi 12 Jun, 2010

    What a great idea!

  • sorrowsmiles13 13 Dec, 2009

    Very cute idea!