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Fluffing a Duvet

Martha Stewart Living, February 1998

A duvet cover does a yeoman's job in protecting a comforter from spills, stains, and general wear and tear. To prevent the comforter from shifting around inside the cover, most need a slight modification. Sew two pieces of 2-inch-long fabric tape to all four inside corners of the duvet cover; at each corner of the comforter, push the filler toward the center, tie the fabric tape around the bunched fabric, and sleep happily ever after.

Comments (35)

  • Sariagirl 10 Feb, 2009

    I don't know if you're really supposed to but i put my comforter in the dryer with some tennis balls to help the feather fluff up again. hope that helps geriner!

  • geriner 6 Feb, 2009

    My comforter doesn't shift but the feathers seem to go to one side even though they are sewn in blocks. Any suggestions and can a down comforter be washed or should it be dry cleaned to fluff it up.

  • noiseynana 1 Feb, 2009

    My duvet is made with down. I used your idea but then added a small grommet to each corner to tie the tape to. I didn't like the bunched corners.Also, one in the center between each grommet. Eileene

  • CertainlySusan 31 Jan, 2009

    My duvet has a tag saying that it should not be washed too often: covered, it should be washed once a year. I have a pair of hard plastic rings that can be put into the dryer with any down-filled thing, from vest to jacket to duvet. They do a good job of fluffing, although you might have to lean against the dryer door to keep the rings from opening the machine from the inside.

  • KatKookie 31 Jan, 2009

    I washed/dried my down comforter with no problems many times and it said dry clean only.
    Then again you never know..

  • normajean22 31 Jan, 2009

    Is it really ok to wash a down comforter in the washing machine?? Ive been very afraind to do so since it says dry clean only. It wont ruin the down feathers inside?

  • jeannewri 30 Jan, 2009

    For those of us who don't have time to sew the two pieces of fabric tape to all four corners of the duvet, it's very easy, and inexpensive, to buy a package of 4 clips that hold the duvet to the comforter and prevents it from slipping. I'm sleeping happily ever after without all the extra work.

  • realtomatoe 30 Jan, 2009

    Good business means you have good customer service. Someone is moderating this sight and needs to read EVERYONES comments. It is good business to take in the opinion of their public. Negative or Positive. Martha will not be offended, she is a business woman. As a business owner myself I call tell you everyones opinion is important. It is called marketing.

  • crates 30 Jan, 2009

    Yay, jurziegurl!! Martha does things I would never think of doing. I am always impressed with her range of knowledge and versatility! I realize she has 'staff' but even so, the sheer number of helpful things she does is staggering.

  • jurziegurl48 30 Jan, 2009

    Thank you Granny! I get the organizing and craft tips sent to my email daily. I love reading them. I am so disheartened, each and every day, by the negativity and "holier than thou" attitudes written in the comments. Why not all enjoy Martha's ingenuity and know-how? If you don't agree with her ideas, then just delete. No need to criticize and constantly correct! Have a great night everyone!

  • michele50 30 Jan, 2009

    If making your own Feather Comforter cover

  • grannyconnie 30 Jan, 2009

    Hey jurziegurl48 -
    Your comment made my day! Let's all say common sense. Thnxs!

  • BeckyCorning 30 Jan, 2009

    This is a great tip! I have been wondering if there was a good way to do this.

  • Sharret42 30 Jan, 2009

    My Webster's New World French dictionary lists "duvet" as: down (sac de couchage) sleeping bag. "Couchage" is translated as sleeping arrangements/sleeping equipment. "Couvert" means (among other things): covered. "Edredon" means eiderdown (or comforter in English). Let's all agree to disagree, politely eh?

  • mykele 30 Jan, 2009

    Please use the correct terms for the duvet which IS the comforter
    and the cover is called the duvet cover NOT the duvet. French
    term for comforter IS DUVET.....

  • mykele 30 Jan, 2009

    Ladies, please let's get the terms correct shall we? The duvet IS the
    comforter and the cover is just called the duvet cover, not the duvet.
    which is the french term for comforter. Thank you.

  • zoestar 30 Jan, 2009

    Hi Laura,
    We wash all of our down blankets and comforters in the washer and dryer at home. We bought those blue dryer balls... available at houseweares stores... they do a nice job of redistributing the feathers throughout the cover in the dryer as its spins. Then when we take it out, stand side-by-side and hold it from one end and give it a good shake, repeat as necessary.
    Best of luck!

  • laura1357 30 Jan, 2009

    I'm hoping that Ibuser can share her method with me. I have a box stitiched king size down comforter; many of the feathers have migrated to the side edge, making it lopsided. As we sleep, the heavily feathered side drags on the floor leaving my husband with no comforter. How do you "relocate" the feathers back to where they belong. Thanks for the help.

  • lazowski 30 Jan, 2009

    My mother taught me to place the comforter in the duvet and use yarn with a large needle at each order - stitch through and back up about 1 1/2 inches and tie a pretty bow.

  • lbuser 30 Jan, 2009

    Down comforters wash up great. So do down pillows. Mine says to dry clean, however, the cover is 100% cotton, so I threw it in my standard sized washer then threw it in my small apartment sized dryer. I was so surprised when it came out just fine. I have been washing it this way for several years now and it is still beautiful and warm. Every now and again I need to "relocate" feathers, but I am going to try the tennis ball trick and see if this takes care of it.

  • lisamuench 30 Jan, 2009

    I keep the corners in place with a safety pin at each corner. Even on the outside, you hardly notice them, but you could pin from the inside too (more work).

  • rosegardengirl 30 Jan, 2009

    Cathryn, you could try throwing your comforter in the dryer with two tennis balls. I dry down items this way and - believe it or not -- it works like a charm to keep the feathers from bunching. Probably work for you. Makes a weird bouncing sound in the dryer though.

  • frigardi 30 Jan, 2009

    a no sew version of this idea is to fasten the inside corner of the duvet cover and the corner of the duvet with a sturdy rubber band - when right side out it creates a nice "pinched" look at the corners

  • cathrynmb 30 Jan, 2009

    I brought my down comforter to the dry cleaners and now all the fluff is at the edges of the comforter! (despite baffle-boxes) Guess I have a fun afternoon ahead of "re-locating" the feathers... urgh.

  • ycipeon 30 Jan, 2009

    I sewed tapes to the 4 corners and in the middle of all four sides of both the cover and the duvet... absolutely no shifting whatsoever..Cotton tape holds better.. Poly I double knot.. Store cover inside out.

  • toniem 30 Jan, 2009

    Great idea! I'm getting my sewing basket out right now.

  • meganannm 30 Jan, 2009

    I wash my down comforter and down pillows in an extra-large sized washing maching with regular detergent. Usually I do a double rinse, then put them in a larger dryer with 2-3 tennis balls or hang outside. It takes several cycles to dry them. You do want to make sure that they dry completely. Both my mother and my grandmother always did this in the spring and never had any problems either. I have a small washer/dryer at home so I go to a laundromat.

  • ontheverge 30 Jan, 2009

    When I was in Japan, I noticed that all the balconies and window ledges were hung with futons and quilts--something the Japanese seem to do every morning. They even have giant, low-priced spring-loaded clips, or clamps, to ensure that the bedding doesn't slip off. I bought a couple for myself in a dept store, and use them often on my duvet. I don't know where to get them here...but perhaps someone else does? Or something that you can rig from stuff at the hardware store?

  • StrawbrryF 30 Jan, 2009


    It depends on the comforter. If you know what brand it is, check with them. Mine is from The Company Store and I've washed it numerous times with great results.

    I use the gentle/wool wash setting on my front-load washer, and them tumble it together with some tennis balls or special fluffer dryer balls on low. It takes a while to dry but it comes out clean and fluffy.

  • StrawbrryF 30 Jan, 2009


    It depends on the comforter. If you know what brand it is, check with them. Mine is from The Company Store and I've washed it numerous times with great results.

    I use the gentle/wool wash setting on my front-load washer, and them tumble it together with some tennis balls or special fluffer dryer balls on low. It takes a while to dry but it comes out clean and fluffy.

  • merrysage 24 Oct, 2008

    I've gone back to a method that's popular in Europe ie: airing it out your window every morning. If you can't do it each morning, then fold and put your comfortors, blankets and pillows out the window, resting on the ledge, to air for an hour each time you change the bedding. Hanging them on your clothesline also works a treat to air, freshen and fluff bedding. This works both Summer and Winter. Just avoid doing it on damp days.

  • chrissynoel46 30 Jun, 2008

    Help, can I wash my down comforter? My kitty-cat upchucked on it. Chrissynoel46

  • m_w 18 Apr, 2008

    I spray my comforter with lavender linin spray, pop in the dryer with a few clean tennis balls, and let it go on low heat for 15 minutes. Works great for down/feather pillows, too. Also, I sew one piece of the ribbon or tape inside the duvet at each corner, the other ribbon on the corners of the comforther itself. That way, I don't end up with funky corners like you do when you smoosh the comforter corners in the ribbon.

  • sewicee 30 Mar, 2008

    To fluff, put it in your dryer on the lowest setting for about 15-20 minutes, it will come out beautifully. It'll also get rid of dust.
    Another way is to take it by an edge and shake it like you would a rug. Do this on all sides.

  • Queenmab 27 Mar, 2008

    This tip is more to prevent shifting within the duvet. Is there a tip for fluffing a duvet?