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Put the Home Office to Work

Organizing Good Things 2005, October 2005

This multipurpose space, situated just off a master bedroom, is designed for dozens of projects. Built-in overhead open shelving and long countertops, along with orderly cabinets and bins, provide a perfect setting for paying bills, mending clothes, completing crafts projects, organizing photographs, and writing letters.

Comments (12)

  • Caret10241 2 Mar, 2014

    To enlarge details within a picture or photo, Press Command and + together several until the desired size is reached. (I have a Mac. ) To reduce the pic, uxe Command and -.

  • chicagosully 11 Apr, 2011

    Off the master bedroom? Maybe off the kitchen or laundry room where you spend the most amount of time. Doesn't seem practical.

  • sandnthyme 9 Apr, 2011

    This is a great idea, those of you who need more details..(.go to your nearest fire station and ask if they can refer you to a firefighter that does cabinet work) my husband is a firefighter/cabinet maker and almost all of them do side work. They always have ideas for your space and you would be surprised how inexpensive this could be. Get a quote...

  • Calitree 9 Apr, 2011

    I agree. Details and more pictures would be nice. Please Martha, help us out here. Thanks.

  • lindalalonde 9 Apr, 2011

    Even 2 more photos, one of the left-hand wall and one showing the area to the right of this photo would have been helpful. The piece under the window looks like a countertop set on top of the cabinets on the left but I'd like to see the other end. I'm pretty sure the photographer took more than one picture and from all kinds of angles so it was a choice to only share one.
    Knowing how it was put together and what the components were would be icing on the cake.

  • lindalalonde 9 Apr, 2011

    It's not enough to just show us a finished product - some people may be able to look at this picture and figure it out but the majority of us come to this site to find out how to get the results in the picture.
    One of my frustrations with this site is that some articles and ideas give you all the details down to what size nails to use to hang the pictures while others give little or no information.

  • Big_Benford 9 Apr, 2011

    Oh Martha, you have such great tips but your lack of details on this one tells us you're phonin' it in. Martha's staff - you need to channel Martha better on these!!

  • jmg94549 9 Apr, 2011

    definitely needs more detail... I dragged the pic to my desktop then dragged it onto a page in a printshop program that I have... worked pretty well. :)

  • neilsens 9 Apr, 2011

    If you right click the picture and choose "Save Picture As" you can save it to your desktop. Double click from the desktop and choose Edit. Then double click on the picture. When it opens choose View from the tabs. There you can Zoom in and make the picture larger. Hope this helps.

  • stampurr 9 Apr, 2011

    I'm with you -- I just kept clicking thinking that I would get more tips and a bigger picture so I could take a better look at all the details. I need some DETAILS. I just remembered, somewhere I have a little magnifying glass app, that might help (if I can find it) Maybe you have something similar. But clicking to get a bigger pic would be easier!

  • pattiet 9 Apr, 2011

    I love this idea too, I just wish I could click on the picture to get a better view.

  • JandV 9 Apr, 2011

    i love this idea! I always get desks to work from home that have those hutches with shelves for all my work stuff, but this looks so much more cheerful and cleaner - less heavy-looking too!