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Checking the Fuse Box

Martha Stewart Living, November 1999

Checking a fuse or circuit breaker needn't be an aerobic exercise. Instead of jogging between the electrical panel in the basement and the outlet upstairs, enlist your vacuum cleaner as an assistant. Plug the vacuum into the suspect outlet, with its switch turned on. When you have restored power to that circuit the vacuum will signal with its noise.


Comments (6)

  • d_carbone 18 Apr, 2011

    There is an easy way to check the fuse. The switch will not be fully on or firm. If you push in the opposite direction, the fuse that went out will have a little 'give'. Simply push all the way across and back again to firm position to reconnect. But beware - there is usually a good reason why it went off in first place. Get it checked if it happens more than once.

  • Stooliegirl 17 Apr, 2011

    Use a radio too.

  • grannyj3 17 Apr, 2011

    This would be a really good way to identify the circuit when you want the power OFF for some reason. For those of us who still have labeling them on our "to do" list.:)

  • sharolyne 17 Apr, 2011

    Excellent idea...but I think I'll use a radio instead. Thanks for the idea though!

  • tess_of_st_paul 17 Apr, 2011

    With circuit breaker's I assume this is for labeling them. Otherwise, with a breaker, the lever is in the center of the panel if it blows. The glass on fuses has a grayish spot in the glass center if it blew.

  • Wildebunch 17 Apr, 2011

    we have taken the time to label our circuit box, it saves a lot of time