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Turkey Place Cards

To make these handsome place-card gobblers, download the templates

Created By: **researcher: Andrea Cowsert**


  • Turkey template
  • Yarn
  • Card stock
  • Scallop scissors and scissors
  • Glue stick and craft glue


  1. Step 1

    download the templates; print and cut out.

  2. Step 2

    Trace templates onto colored card stock; cut out (use scallop scissors for the base), and snip a small triangle for the beak.

  3. Step 3

    Attach the head, body, wing, and beak with a glue stick.

  4. Step 4


    Cut 2 small slits in tail where indicated on the template. Secure ends of smooth yarn and textured yarn in 1 slit, and wrap entire tail with both yarns; secure ends in other slit, and cut yarn. Apply a small amount of craft glue directly onto yarn-wrapped tail, tracing the inner crescent; adhere body to tail piece. Inscribe guest's name on the base; attach tab on turkey body to base with double-sided tape.

Martha Stewart Living, November 2007

Reviews (16)

  • AliceHouston 10 Dec, 2013


  • TrinaCraft 16 Nov, 2011

    The football-shaped piece is the wing.

  • carrie-sue_1 12 Nov, 2011

    So where is the little football-shaped piece supposed to go? Inquiring minds want to know.

  • RikRakRed 30 Oct, 2011

    It's Thanksgiving 2011 and still no larger pics. Hum....I thought Martha would be on top of things. She probably doesn't even know about this issue.

  • PrettyParty 13 Nov, 2010

    I'm with you! Link thumbnails to larger pictures. MS staff doesn't pay attention to our comments nor to our emails, sadly. I've written on several occasions about incomplete recipes, items with missing pictures (red x pizza boxes) all get no response, no reply, nor do the problems get fixed. :/ Sad that MS who is precise and particular would allow this to continue for years as it has. Shame on you staffers!

  • Wootle 12 Nov, 2010

    Is there any reason why these pics can't be linked to larger versions? I mean, this is 2010, for godssake. And a good portion of us baby boomers are half blind. *lol*

    Or have I missed something?

  • rocksteadylove 28 Sep, 2010

    i made these and they turn out perfect very easy just plan a day to do it it takes a while if you have a big family but i great place card

  • rocksteadylove 17 Oct, 2009

    This Is A Q For The Martha Stewart Website Where Did You Get Your Yarn??

  • rocksteadylove 6 Oct, 2009

    Great Place Cards!

  • purplestar 26 Nov, 2008

    I think everbodyshould use this all the kids will have fun

  • nancypc 17 Nov, 2008

    Mine printed fine. You need adobe reader...

  • grigsby08 16 Nov, 2008

    Maybe you should copy the template from what ever program that comes up when you click template to Microsoft Word or Notebook or something and see if it will do it then...

  • grigsby08 16 Nov, 2008

    Maybe you should copy it and put it onto microsoft word or something and see how that does for you.

  • shoptimecom 5 Nov, 2008

    can not get it to print the turkey place card.

  • Pat_Fox 23 Nov, 2007

    This is adorable. I'm creating a file of activities to do with my nieces, as they are growing up and are old enough to do these things. Thank you and keep them coming.

  • brennanzoo 22 Nov, 2007