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Leafy Moth


Moths formed from filmy natural-color skeleton leaves are elegant, ghostly decorations for an autumn dinner table. For each moth, you'll need a dainty twig for the body, plus four skeleton leaves, available in craft shops. Try to find two pairs of symmetrical leaves; one pair will comprise the top halves of the wings and the other pair the bottom.

Leafy Moth How-To
Begin on top: Gently crease a leaf along its spine, and dab hot glue on its base; press onto twig, angling the leaf upward. Crease the bottom leaf, and dab with glue; place this leaf where the upper leaf meets the twig, angled downward, allowing the two leaves to overlap slightly. Repeat on opposite side. A dab of candle wax will perch a moth on a lantern.

Martha Stewart Living, October 2000

Reviews (18)

  • sm3lly 31 Jan, 2010

    my daughter loves butterflies I made these with coloured leaves and she thinks they are fab.

  • GiaK 13 Mar, 2009

    I love this one! It came out amazing!

  • craftydoglover 6 Oct, 2008

    I have just made two of these but used colored pipe cleaners to match the leaves instead of twigs, They turned out fab.

  • 123ragamuffin 27 Sep, 2008

    cr81 Thank you for the wikihow web site address; it is an amazing place.

  • cr81 27 Sep, 2008 is the website I used to make skeleton leaves:

  • Since1982 26 Sep, 2008

    Kathysings: Seems like you could use some kind of filmy/gauzy fabric or even tissue paper. Cut it the leaf to the shape shown above and use a glue pen (or glue on a toothpick) to draw the veins and maybe color the veins with a glitter that matches your material before the glue is allowed to dry...?

  • kathysings 26 Sep, 2008

    Does anyone know how to MAKE skeleton leaves?

  • vrasmussen 26 Sep, 2008

    You can buy the leaves at craft and sometimes scrapbooking stores. I bought some on ebay that were very reasonably priced for a bag of 25 assorted sizes

  • maitai326 26 Sep, 2008

    Where do you find 'skeleton' leaves, or how do you make the leaves look that way?

  • maygirl509 26 Sep, 2008

    I will definitely make this one. I think they would be breathtaking hanging from a chandelier with monofilament.

  • josefalaura 26 Sep, 2008

    this is so beautiful

  • DRae 26 Sep, 2008

    Great idea MID about soaking the leaves and then brushing. I can see many ways of useing these for sure.

  • mid 26 Sep, 2008

    This is simply could anyone be afraid of such lovliness? We have many leaves like this in the fall. You can also make you own by soaking leaves in a bleach solution...then brush very carefully with a tooth brush to loosen the leaf's cells around the veins.

  • patanthony 26 Sep, 2008

    This could be a fun and easy group!

  • odunahoo 26 Sep, 2008

    This finished project might frighten people. So many do not like bugs inside their home, especially flying things.

  • bittyro 26 Sep, 2008

    I bet you could make just about any winged bug or bird if you found the right shapes of twigs/nuts.what not for the bodies and leaves/feathersfor wings.

  • carollynni 26 Sep, 2008

    I wonder if a dragonfly could be made using the same technique.

  • Mozart4meeka 5 Jul, 2008

    this is fantastic.

    marth - you've done it again!